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Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation VII

Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation VII

Proceedings of the Seventh International ERCOFTAC Workshop on Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation, held at the University of Trieste, September 8-10, 2008

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After Surrey in 1994, Grenoble in 1996, Cambridge in 1999, Enschede in 2001, Munich in 2003 and Poiters in 2005, the 7th Workshop, DLES7, will be held in Trieste, again under the auspices of ERCOFTAC. Following the spirit of the series, the goal of this latest workshop is to establish a state-of-the-art of DNS and LES techniques for the computation and modeling of transitional/turbulent flows covering a broad scope of topics such as aerodynamics, acoustics, combustion, multiphase flows, environment, geophysics and bio-medical applications. This gathering of specialists in the field should once again be a unique opportunity for discussions about the more recent advances in the prediction, understanding and control of turbulent flows in academic or industrial situations.

Detached-Eddy Simulation
Large Eddy Simulation
Navier–Stokes equation
direct numerical simulation
fluid mechanics
large-eddy simulation
multiphase flow
Fundamentals.- Wall-Modeled Large-Eddy Simulations: Present Status and Prospects.- A Study of the Influence of the Reynolds Number on Jet Self-Similarity Using Large-Eddy Simulation.- Direct Numerical Simulation of Fractal-Generated Turbulence.- Turbulent Oscillating Channel Flow Subjected to Wind Stress.- DNS of a Periodic Channel Flow with Isothermal Ablative Wall.- Diagnostic Properties of Structure Tensors in Turbulent Flows.- Development of Brown–Roshko Structures in the Mixing Layer Behind a Splitter Plate.- DNS of Spatially-Developing Three-Dimensional Turbulent Boundary Layers.- Direct Numerical Simulation and Experimental Results of a Turbulent Channel Flow with Pin Fins Array.- New Experimental Results for a LES Benchmark Case.- Direct Computation of the Sound Radiated by Shear Layers Using Upwind Compact Schemes.- DNS of Orifice Flow with Turbulent Inflow Conditions.- The Mean Flow Profile of Wall-Bounded Turbulence and Its Relation to Turbulent Flow Topology.- Large Eddy Simulation of a Rectangular Turbulent Jet in Crossflow.- Numerical Simulation of a 2D Starting-Plume Cloud-Flow.- Methodologies and Modelling Techiques.- Variational Multiscale Theory of LES Turbulence Modeling.- An Immersed Interface Method in the Framework of Implicit Large-Eddy Simulation.- Simulation of Gravity-Driven Flows Using an Iterative High-Order Accurate Navier–Stokes Solver.- Compact Fourth-Order Finite-Volume Method for Numerical Solutions of Navier–Stokes Equations on Staggered Grids.- An Accurate Numerical Method for DNS of Turbulent Pipe Flow.- Local Large Scale Forcing of Unsheared Turbulence.- Large-Eddy Simulations of a Turbulent Magnetohydrodynamic Channel Flow.- Development of a DNS-FDF Approach to Inhomogeneous Non-Equilibrium Mixing for High Schmidt Number Flows.- Multi-Scale Simulation of Near-Wall Turbulent Flows.- Explicit Algebraic Subgrid Stress Models for Large Eddy Simulation.- Scrutinizing the Leray-Alpha Regularization for LES in Turbulent Axisymmetric Free Jets.- Localization of Unresolved Regions in the Selective Large-Eddy Simulation of Hypersonic Jets.- An ADM-Based Subgrid Scale Reconstruction Procedure for Large Eddy Simulation.- Large-Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flow in a Plane Asymmetric Diffuser by the Spectral-Element Method.- h and p Refinement with Wall Modelling in Spectral-Element LES.- Error-Landscape Assessment of LES Accuracy Using Experimental Data.- The Role of Different Errors in Classical LES and in Variational Multiscale LES on Unstructured Grids.- Les Modelling Errors.- Practical Quality Measures for Large-Eddy Simulation.- The Simplest LES.- Application of an Anisotropy Resolving Algebraic Reynolds Stress Model within a Hybrid LES-RANS Method.- LES Meets FSI – Important Numerical and Modeling Aspects.- A New Multiscale Model with Proper Behaviour in Both Vortex Flows and Wall Bounded Flows.- LES Based POD Analysis of Jet in Cross Flow.- A Dissipative Scale-Similarity Model.- Optimization of Turbulent Mixing Restricted by Linear and Nonlinear Constraints.- Stochastic Coherent Adaptive LES of Forced Isotropic Turbulence.- An Improvement of Increment Model by Using Kolmogorov Equation of Filtered Velocity.- Symmetry-Preserving Regularization Modelling of a Turbulent Plane Impinging Jet.- Progress in the Development of Stochastic Coherent Adaptive LES Methodology.- Scalars.- LES of Heat Transfer in a Channel with a Staggered Pin Matrix.- Turbulent Channel Flow with ?-Shape Turbulators on One Wall.- Implicit Large-Eddy Simulation of Passive-Scalar Mixing in a Confined Rectangular-Jet Reactor.- Direct Numerical Simulation of a Turbulent Boundary Layer with Passive Scalar Transport.- Active Scalars.- Numerical Experiments on Turbulent Thermal Convection.- Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Reacting and Inert Mixing Layers Laden with Evaporating Droplets.- Large Eddy Simulation of a Two-Phase Reacting Flow in an Experimental Burner.- Hybrid LES/CAA Simulation of a Turbulent Non-Premixed Jet Flame.- LES/CMC of Forced Ignition of a Bluff-Body Stabilised Non-premixed Methane Flame.- Large Eddy Simulation of a High Reynolds Number Swirling Flow in a Conical Diffuser.- Direct Numerical Simulation of Hot and Highly Pulsated Turbulent Jet Flows.- DNS of Convective Heat Transfer in a Rotating Cylinder.- Numerical Simulations of Thermal Convection at High Prandtl Numbers.- Influence of the Lateral Walls on the Thermal Plumes in Turbulent Rayleigh–Bénard Convection in Rectangular Containers.- DNS of Mixed Convection in Enclosed 3D-Domains with Interior Boundaries.- LES and Hybrid RANS/LES of Turbulent Flow in Fuel Rod Bundle Arranged with a Triangular Array.- Large-Scale Patterns in a Rectangular Rayleigh–Bénard Cell.- LES and Laser Measurements of Dynamic Flame/Vortex Interactions.- 3D Direct Simulation of a Nonpremixed Hydrogen Flame with Detailed Models.- Environmental and Multiphase Flows.- Large Eddy Simulation of Pollen Dispersion in the Atmosphere.- Internal Wave Breaking in Stratified Flows Past Obstacles.- DNS of a Gravity Current Propagating over a Free-Slip Boundary.- Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Mixing in an Estuary Region.- Dispersion of (Light) Inertial Particles in Stratified Turbulence.- The Influence of Magnetic Fields on the Rise of Gas Bubbles in Electrically Conductive Liquids.- Large Eddy Simulation of a Turbulent Droplet Laden Mixing Layer.- The Diffuse Interface Method with Korteweg Approach for Isothermal, Two-Phase Flow of a Van der Waals Fluid.- Numerical Simulation of Air Flows in Street Canyons Using Mesh-Adaptive LES.- Aerodynamics and Wakes.- LES of the Flow Around a Two-Dimensional Vehicle Model with Active Flow Control.- Wake-Vortex Decay in External Turbulence.- DNS of Aircraft Wake Vortices: The Effect of Stable Stratification on the Development of the Crow Instability.- On the Download Alleviation for the XV-15 Wing by Active Flow Control Using Large-Eddy Simulation.- Turbulent Flow Simulations Around an Airfoil At High Incidences Using URANS, DES and ILES Approaches.- Large Eddy Simulation of Flow Around an Airfoil Near Stall.- Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flows Around a Rotor Blade Segment Using a Spectral Element Method.- Compressible Flows.- DNS of Compressible Turbulent Flows.- Large-Eddy Simulation of Transonic Buffet over a Supercritical Airfoil.- Detached-Eddy and Delayed Detached-Eddy Simulation of Supersonic Flow over a Three-Dimensional Cavity.- A WALE-Similarity Mixed Model for Large-Eddy Simulation of Wall Bounded Compressible Turbulent Flows.- Parametric Study of Compressible Turbulent Spots.- Azimuthal Resolution Effects in LES of Subsonic Jet Flow and Influence on Its Noise.- Large Eddy Simulations of Compressible MHD Turbulence in Heat-Conducting Fluid.
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