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Before and After School Physical Activity Programs

Before and After School Physical Activity Programs

Frameworks, Critical Issues and Underserved Populations

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This is the first book to offer a critical examination of the delivery of before and after-school physical activity programs, from global perspectives. It introduces key theory and best practice in before and after-school physical activity research and programming, and is an essential resource for educators involved in the design and implementation of after-school programs.

With contributions from leading international researchers and practitioners in the field of health and physical education, the book provides an overview of research methods in before and after-school physical activity. It offers insight on theoretical frameworks and the implementation of programs as they relate to policy in schools, as well as an overview of social and emotional learning in after-school programs. The book also explores inclusive before and after-school physical activity programming for underserved communities, covering key topics from Positive Youth Development and urban programming to developing adult leaders and working with LGBTQI populations and children with disabilities.

This book is important reading for researchers in health and physical education, and policy-makers, teachers, youth workers and coaches working with children in physical education, health education, physical activity or sport.


Risto Marttinen, Erin E. Centeio, & Thomas Quarmby

Chapter 1. Implementing before and after-school physical activity programs within the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child framework.
Erin E. Centeio, Heather Erwin, Jeanne Barcelona & Hayley McKown

Chapter 2. Using restorative practices in out-of-school physical activity programs
Michael A. Hemphill & K. Andrew R. Richards

Chapter 3. An activist sport approach to before and after-school programming: Co-creating empowering possibilities with youth from socially vulnerable backgrounds
Carla Luguetti & Kimberly L. Oliver

Chapter 4. Positive youth development through sport: Enhancing contribution
Colen J. Deal, Helene Jørgensen, Isabel Ormond & Nicholas L. Holt

Chapter 5. Integrating health and physical activity with social emotional learning in before and after school programs
Jeanne Barcelona, Erin E. Centeio & Melissa Parker

Chapter 6. Made2Move 3.0: PETE students as design thinkers
Fiona Chambers, Manolis Adamakis, Deirdre Brennan & Gillian O'Sullivan

Chapter 7. Ten years later: What we learned about after-school programming from the Fitness Improves Thinking in Kids (FITKids) clinical trial
Darla M. Castelli, Charles H. Hillman, Lauren Raine & Eric S. Drollette

Chapter 8. REACH after-school: Integrating literacy and physical activity in under-resourced communities
Ray N. Fredrick III, Risto Marttinen & Kelly C. Johnston

Chapter 9. 'Getting lost,' being flexible and using innovative methods in an after-school program
Carrie Safron

Chapter 10. Care-experienced youth and before and after-school physical activity
Thomas Quarmby, Rachel Sandford & Oliver Hooper

Chapter 11. Sport for Development programming in developing and conflict-affected regions
Meredith A. Whitley

Chapter 12. Challenges and opportunities in urban after-school programming
Laurel Whalen, Kimberly Maljak, Nate McCaughtry, Alex Garn, and Sara Flory

Chapter 13. Outside the box: LGTBQ-inclusive physical activity programs
Dillon Landi

Chapter 14. Before and after-school programs for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities
Leah R. Ketcheson & Franziska Loetzner

Chapter 15. The role of informal sport in after-school physical activity
Justen O'Connor

Chapter 16. Preparing adult leaders to work within sport-based youth development settings
Victoria N. Shiver & Jenn M. Jacobs

Chapter 17. Funding before and after-school physical activity programs
Senlin Chen, Xiangli Gu & Yang Liu

Chapter. 18. It's time to predict the implications of outsourcing health and physical education and extra-curricular physical activity programming
Leigh Sperka

Chapter 19. Student voice in physical education and before and after-school physical activity settings
James D. Ressler & Zachary Wahl-Alexander

Risto Marttinen, Erin E. Centeio, & Thomas Quarmby

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