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Clinical Medical Ethics

Clinical Medical Ethics

Landmark Works of Mark Siegler, MD

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This instant gold standard title is a major contribution to the field of clinical medical ethics and will be used widely for reference and teaching purposes for years to come. Throughout his career, Mark Siegler, MD, has written on topics ranging from the teaching of clinical medical ethics to end-of-life decision-making and the ethics of advances in technology. With more than 200 journal publications and 60 book chapters published in this area over the course of his illustrious career, Dr. Siegler has become the pre-eminent scholar and teacher in the field. Indeed his work has had a profound impact on a range of therapeutic areas, especially internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, oncology, and medical education.

Having grown steadily in importance the last 30 years, clinical ethics examines the practical, everyday ethical issues that arise in encounters among patients, doctors, nurses, allied health workers, and health care institutions. The goal of clinical ethics is to improve patient care and patient outcomes, and almost every large hospital now has an ethics committee or ethics consultation service to help resolve clinical ethical problems; and almost every medical organization now has an ethics committee and code of ethics. Most significantly, clinical ethics discussions have become a part of the routine clinical discourse that occurs in outpatient and inpatient clinical settings across the country. This seminal collection of 46 landmark works by Dr. Siegler on the topic is organized around five themes of foundational scholarship: restoring and transforming the ethical basis of modern clinical medicine, the doctor-patient relationship, education and professionalism, end-of-life care, and clinical innovation. With introductory perspectives by a group of renowned scholars in medicine, Clinical Medical Ethics: Landmark Works of Mark Siegler, MD explains the field authoritatively and comprehensively and will be of invaluable assistance to all clinicians and scholars concerned with clinical ethics. 

ContentsPart I Restoring and Transforming the Ethical Basis of Modern Clinical Medicine1 An Introduction from Laura Weiss Roberts, M.D., M.A.2 A Perspective from Mark Siegler, M.D.3 A Perspective from Daniel P. Sulmasy, M.D., Ph.D.4 A Perspective from Dana Levinson, M.P.H., Holly J. Humphrey, M.D., and Kenneth S. Polonsky, M.D.5 A Perspective from Jordan J. Cohen, M.D.6 A Perspective from Peter A. Singer, M.D.Part II Landmark Works on Clinical Medical Ethics by Mark Siegler, M.D.7 Foundational Scholarship7.1 Clinical ethics and clinical medicine (1979)Mark Siegler7.2 Decision-making strategy for clinical ethical problems in medicine (1982)Mark Siegler7.3 An ethics consultation service in a teaching hospital. Utilization and evaluation (1988)John La Puma, Carol B. Stocking, Marc D. Silverstein, Andrea DiMartini, Mark Siegler7.4 Clinical medical ethics (1990)Mark Siegler, Edmund D. Pellegrino, Peter A. Singer7.5 Ethics committees and consultants (1990)Peter A. Singer, Edmund D. Pellegrino, Mark Siegler7.6 Future directions in clinical ethics (1991)Edmund D. Pellegrino, Mark Siegler, Peter A. Singer7.7 Clinical ethics (1991)Mark Siegler, Peter A. Singer7.8 Clinical ethics in the practice of medicine (1996)Peter A. Singer, Mark Siegler7.9 Five major themes in bioethics (1997)Lainie Friedman Ross, Mark Siegler7.10 The contributions of clinical ethics to patient care (1997)Mark Siegler8 The Doctor-Patient Relationship8.1 Searching for moral certainty in medicine: a proposal for a new model of the doctor-patient encounter (1981)<Mark Siegler8.2 Clinical intuition: a procedure for balancing the rights of patients and the responsibilities of physicians (1981)Mark Siegler, Ann Dudley Goldblatt8.3 The doctor-patient encounter and its relationship to theories of health and disease (1981)Mark Siegler8.4 The physician-patient accommodation: a central event in clinical medicine (1982)Mark Siegler8.5 Confidentiality in medicine: a decrepit concept (1982)Mark Siegler8.6 Medical consultations in the context of the physician-patient relationship (1982)Mark Siegler8.7 Metaphors and models of doctor-patient relationships: their implications for autonomy (1984)James F. Childress, Mark Siegler8.8 The progression of medicine: from physician paternalism to patient autonomy to bureaucratic parsimony (1985)Mark Siegler8.9 Learning from our patients: one participant’s impact on clinical trial research and informed consent (1997)Christopher K. Daugherty, Mark Siegler, Mark J. Ratain, George Zimmer8.10 The physician-surrogate relationship (2007)Alexia M. Torke, G. Caleb Alexander, John Lantos, Mark Siegler9 Education and Professionalism9.1 A legacy of Osler: teaching clinical ethics at the bedside (1978)Mark Siegler9.2 Basic curricular goals in medical ethics: the DeCamp conference on the teaching of medical ethics (1985)Charles M. Culver, K. Danner Clouser, Bernard Gert, Howard Brody, John Fletcher, Albert Jonsen, Loretta Kopelman, Joanne Lynn, Mark Siegler, Daniel Wikler9.3 Fellowship training programs in clinical ethics (1988)Laura Weiss Lane, Mark Siegler, Steven H. Miles, Christine K. Cassel, Peter A. Singer9.4 Development of a teaching program in clinical medical ethics at the University of Chicago (1989)Robert M. Walker, Laura Weiss Lane, Mark Siegler9.5 Internal medicine residents' preferences regarding medical ethics education (1989)Jay A. Jacobson, Susan W. Tolle, Carol Stocking, Mark Siegler9.6 Caring for medical students as patients (1990)Laura Weiss Lane, George Lane, David L. Schiedermayer, Joanna H. Spiro, Mark Siegler9.7 Teaching clinical ethics (1990)Edmund D. Pellegrino, Mark Siegler, Peter A. Singer9.8 Medical students as patients: a pilot study of their health care needs, practices, and concerns (1996)Laura Weiss Roberts, James T. Hardee, Gregory Franchini, Christine A. Stidley, Mark Siegler9.9 What and how psychiatry residents at ten training programs wish to learn about ethics (1996)Laura Weiss Roberts, Teresita McCarty, Constantine Lyketsos, James T. Hardee, Jay Jacobson, Robert Walker, Patricia Hough, Gregory Gramelspacher, Christine A. Stidley, Michael Arambula, Denise M. Heebink, Gwen L. Zornberg, Mark Siegler9.10 Clinical ethics teaching in psychiatric supervision (1996)Laura Weiss Roberts, Teresita McCarty, Brian B. Roberts, Nancy Morrison, Jerald Belitz, Claudia Berenson, Mark Siegler9.11 Training doctors for professionalism: some lessons from teaching clinical medical ethics (2002)Mark Siegler10 End-of-Life Care10.1 Pascal's wager and the hanging of crepe (1975)Mark Siegler10.2 Critical illness: the limits of autonomy (1977)Mark Siegler10.3 Brain death and live birth (1982)Mark Siegler, Daniel Wikler10.4 Against the emerging stream: should fluids and nutritional support be discontinued? (1985)Mark Siegler, Alan J. Weisbard10.5 Euthanasia: a critique (1990)Peter A. Singer, Mark Siegler10.6 Elective use of life-sustaining treatments in internal medicine (1991)Peter A. Singer, Mark Siegler10.7 Intimacy and caring: the legacy of Karen Ann Quinlan (1993)Mark Siegler, Robert M. Taylor10.8 The rise and fall of the futility movement (2000)Paul R. Helft, Mark Siegler, John Lantos11 Clinical Innovation11.1 Ethical issues in growth hormone therapy (1989)John Lantos, Mark Siegler, Leona Cuttler11.2 Orthopedic surgeons' attitudes and practices concerning the treatment of patients with human immunosuppressive virus infection (1989)Paul M. Arnow, Lawrence A. Pottenger, Carol B. Stocking, Mark Siegler, Henry W. DeLeeuw11.3 Ethics of liver transplantation with living donors (1989)Peter A. Singer, Mark Siegler, Peter F. Whitington, John D. Lantos, Jean C. Emond, J. Richard Thistlethwaite, Christoph E. Broelsch11.4 Bone marrow transplantation for sickle cell disease; a study of parents’ decisions (1991)Eric Kodish, John Lantos, Carol Stocking, Peter A. Singer, Mark Siegler, F. Leonard Johnson11.5 Ethical justification for living liver donation (1992)Mark Siegler, John D. Lantos11.6 Transplantation of liver grafts from living donors into adults: too much, too soon (2001)David C. Cronin II, J. Michael Millis, Mark Siegler11.7 Elective surgical patients as living organ donors: a clinical and ethical innovation (2009)Giuliano Testa, Peter Angelos, Megan Crowley-Matoka, Mark SieglerAppendix Photos
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Laura Roberts, MD, MA, is Katharine Dexter McCormick and Stanley McCormick Memorial Professor and Chair of the Department of Behavioral Sciences in the School of Medicine at Stanford University.

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