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Emerging Issues in Global Marketing

Emerging Issues in Global Marketing

A Shifting Paradigm

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This book examines emerging theories, frameworks, and applications of global marketing for the 21st century. It highlights how global marketing is changing in a globalized and digital economy that is fast increasing in complexity and uncertainty. The traditional approach to global marketing is no longer sufficient to address the emerging issues in global markets. Global companies need to challenge traditional assumptions in global marketing in an era of shifting political, cultural, economic, and technological changes. They need to take a fresh look at the contemporary threats and opportunities in markets, institutions, and technology and how they affect entry and expansion strategies through careful re-calibration of the marketing-mix. This book offers new insights for global marketing that addresses these issues. This book should be an ideal resource to both academic scholars and reflective practitioners globally such as CEOs and chief marketing officers as well as government officials and policy makers interested in formulating strategies/policies for global marketing activities in the face of a globalized and digitized economy.

This well-crafted research volume is an excellent addition to the growing literature on new trends in international marketing. The authors present the latest insight on the impact of phenomena such as cross-border e-commerce and digital markets, and they discuss new tools for political risk assessment, international branding and more broadly the reconfiguring of marketing-mix strategies – A powerful reminder that the new global market remains a rugged landscape.

 - Alain Verbeke, McCaig Research Chair in Management and Editor-in-Chief Journal of International Business Studies, University of Calgary, Canada.

 Emerging trends in institutions, markets, and societies, along with new technological advances, are redefining the scope and strategy in global marketing. Professors Agarwal and Wu have assembled a remarkable collection of cutting-edge topics and issues that capture the shifting paradigm and contemporary developments in the global marketing field. This is an informative and timely resource that makes a valuable contribution, useful for both scholars and business practitioners of global marketing.

 - Constantine S. Katsikeas, Arnold Ziff Endowed Research Chair in Marketing & International Management, Editor-in-Chief Journal of International Marketing, University of Leeds, UK.

 This book presents new and cutting-edge thinking at a time when the traditional views of international marketing need to be scrapped. Convergence forces are creating new opportunities as well as threats on a daily basis, and marketing practitioners as well as scholars must be forewarned as well as forearmed on how to deal with these changes. The real growth is coming from the emerging nations, and the theories that provided sufficient insights ten years ago have been completely outmoded by the ever-accelerating rate of innovation and technological change as well as the pressures to address the needs of all of the firm’s relevant stakeholders.  The strategic insights provided here are absolutely invaluable.  Don’t miss an opportunity to read this book!!

 - John B. Ford, Professor of Marketing & International Business, Eminent Scholar & Haislip-Rohrer Fellow, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Advertising Research, Old Dominion University, USA.

The following is a proposed Table of Contents (Tentative):
Foreword, Content, and Acknowledgement
1. Regionalization versus Globalization: Emerging Theoretical Frameworks in the Context of Emerging Economies (BRICS)
2. Marketing Issues, Impact, and Implications of WTO on globalization
3. Emerging Frameworks of Political Risk and CSR Strategies in Global Markets
4. Emerging Theories of Cultural Distance: Global Culture, Regional Culture, National Culture, & Sub-Culture – Dynamics and Crossvergence
5. Global Marketing Research: Data Analysis Issues: Levels of Analysis, Sampling Equivalence, Hierarchical Modeling, Big Data Analytics and Techniques
6. Emerging Theories on Global Entry Strategies: Exporting, Contractual Agreements, and FDI
7. Lead Markets and Clusters of ‘R&D’ Innovation in Global Markets
8. Firm, Market, and Government Policy Factors In Global Pricing
9. Traditional versus Social Media Advertising: New Trends and Budget Allocation
10. Changing Nature of Global Retail Landscape
11. E-Commerce and M-Commerce (social media): New Global Challenges and Strategies
12. International Entrepreneurial Firm Growth and Expansion Strategies: Firm Specific and Country Specific Advantages
The following is a list of Potential Authors:
1. Nicole Coviello (Wilfred Laurier University, Canada) 
2. Doug West (King’s College, London, UK) 
3. Cheryl Nakata (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA) 
4. Bodo Schlegelmilch (WU, Wien, Austria) 
5. Shaoming Zou (University of Missouri, USA) 
6. Mark Cleveland (Western University, Canada)
7. Jill Lei (University of Melbourne, Australia) 
8. Nitish Singh (Saint Louise University, USA) 
9. Catherine Welch (University of Sydney, Australia) 
10. Constantin Katsikeas (University of Leeds, UK) 
11. David Griffith (Lehigh University, USA) 
12. Piyush Sharma (Curtin University, Australia) 
13. Saeed Samiee (University of Tulsa, USA) 
14. Leonidou Leonidas (University of Leeds, UK)
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