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Global Education Policy, Impact Evaluations, and Alternatives

Global Education Policy, Impact Evaluations, and Alternatives

The Political Economy of Knowledge Production

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This book contributes to how we conceptualize and investigate the role and influence of knowledge production by international organizations within the field of global education reform. After elaborating on what it means to approach the intersection of these issues from a political economy perspective, the book develops a focus on knowledge production broadly to examine specifically the production of impact evaluations, which have come to be seen by many as the most credible form of policy-relevant knowledge. Moreover, it not only unpacks the methodological, technical, political, and organizational challenges in the production of impact evaluations, but also details an approach to critically understanding and examining the role that impact evaluations, once produced, play within the political economy of global education reform more generally. Finally, this book demonstrates the application of this approach in relation to a global education policy from El Salvador and reflects on the implications of this case for alternative ways forward, methodologically and otherwise.
1. Introduction.- 2. Knowledge production, the World Bank, and Global Education Reform.- 3. Critically Reviewing Impact Evaluations within the Political Economy of Global Education Reform.- 4. Methods.- 5. The Reform Context of El Salvador: Structural Transformation During a Civil War.- 6. EDUCO’s Emergence.- 7. Impact Evaluations of EDUCO: A Critical Review.- 8. What Can We Say About EDUCO?.- 9. Implications: National and International.- 10. Conclusions: Persistent Limitations and Alternative Approaches.                                                                                                                    

D. Brent Edwards Jr. is Graduate Chair of the Department of Educational Foundations and Associate Professor of Theory and Methodology in the Study of Education at the University of Hawaii. His work focuses on (a) the global governance of education, (b) education policy, politics and political economy, with a focus on low-income countries, and (c) democratic and socially just alternatives to dominant education models. Within these three research lines, Edwards has focused on investigating the rise of global education policies and the influence of international organizations in education reform. In addition to publishing regularly in journals in the fields of education policy and comparative and international education, he is on the advisory board for the Comparative Education Review. Recent books include: The trajectory of global education policy: Community-based management in El Salvador and the global reform agenda as well as Global education policy, impact evaluations, and alternatives: The political economy of knowledge production, both with Palgrave Macmillan. Forthcoming in 2023 with Routledge is Globalization, privatization, and the State: Contemporary education reform in post-colonial contexts. He is currently the Principal Investigator for a three-year $913,000 project funded by the Dubai Cares Foundation entitled, "Crisis Management for Disaster Risk Reduction in Education Systems: Learning from the Elaboration and Integration of Technology-Focused Strategies in El Salvador, Honduras, and Colombia." This project was one of only two selected by Dubai Cares from among a pool of 173 that were submitted for its "E-Cubed" Research Envelope, through which it supports evidence for education in emergencies. Previously, he was awarded Fulbright Funding for his work in El Salvador, in addition to holding visiting, affiliate, or research positions at George Washington University (USA), the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain), the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), University of Central America (El Salvador), the University of the North (Colombia), The University of Tokyo (Japan), Waseda University (Japan), and the University of Auckland (New Zealand). Apart from being a consultant for the World Bank, he has worked on research funded by and/or has produced reports or evaluations for international organizations and foundations such as USAID, UNESCO, Education International, Global Campaign for Education, Open Society Foundations, and the Spencer Foundation. His work has been published in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese. He received his PhD in International Education Policy from the University of Maryland.

Palgrave Macmillan UK
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