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Group Work and Aging

Group Work and Aging

Issues in Practice, Research, and Education

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Get a wealth of information about the theory and practice of social work with older adults, their families, and their caregivers! Although there is a considerable amount of writing on both group work and social work with the elderly, there is surprisingly little about applying this practice method to this specific age group. Group Work and Aging: Issues in Practice, Research, and Education fills this gap by presenting penetrating articles about a mutual aid approach to working with diverse groups of older adults with varied needs. Respected experts and gifted researchers provide case studies, practice examples, and explanation of theory to illustrate this practice method with aging adults, their families, and their caregivers. Group Work and Aging: Issues in Practice, Research, and Education discusses in-depth information on group work with gay and lesbian elders, caregivers, elders with Alzheimer's disease, service providers, special populations such as Vietnamese and Latino/a elders, and provides information on the use of expressive therapies like art, drama, and dance. Each well-referenced chapter presents high quality, up-to-date social group work practice strategies to prepare practitioners for the needs of the growing population of elderly in the near future. Group Work and Aging: Issues in Practice, Research, and Education discusses:
  • the adaptation of group work practice approaches when working with older group members
  • the use of a Record of Service as an analytical tool in group work with aging lesbians
  • a chronicle of a student's field placement at a drop-in center for homeless senior citizens
  • the sociocultural reality of the Asian immigrant elderly
  • residential substance abuse treatment for older adults
  • mutual aid groups for older persons with mental illness
  • the relationship between caregiver support groups and the marker framework of family caregiving
  • telephone caregiver support groups
  • group work interventions with elderly parents of adults with severe mental illness
  • a program for the development and implementation of an intergenerational singing group
  • support groups as an effective therapy at end-of-life
  • the use of a mutual aid group with home attendants
  • and much more!
Group Work and Aging: Issues in Practice, Research, and Education reveals the latest examples of good group work practice with aging adults and their support systems, perfect for practitioners, educators, and anyone interested in and/or work with older adults.
  • About the Contributors
  • Foreword (M. Joanna Mellor)
  • Introduction (Robert Salmon)
  • What's Different About Working with Older People in Groups? (Ronald W. Toseland and Victoria M. Rizzo)
  • An Examination of Group Work with Old Lesbians Struggling with a Lack of Intimacy by Using a Record of Service (Kris Drumm)
  • Sweethearts and Sourpusses: My Year with the Elderly (Sarah Stevenson)
  • The Sociocultural Reality of the Asian Immigrant Elderly: Implications for Group Work Practice (Irene Chung)
  • Residential Substance Abuse Treatment for Older Adults: An Enhanced Therapeutic Community Model (Frank Guida, Arnold Unterbach, John Tavolacci, and Peter Provet)
  • Mutual Aid Groups for Older Persons with a Mental Illness (Timothy B. Kelly)
  • The Relationship Between Caregiver Support Groups and the Marker Framework of Caregiving (Helene Ebenstein)
  • Telephone Caregiver Support Groups (Tamara L. Smith, Ronald W. Toseland, Victoria M. Rizzo, and Michele A. Zinoman)
  • Elderly Parents of Adults with Severe Mental Illness: Group Work Interventions (Harriet Goodman)
  • Seniors, Small Fry, and Song: A Group Work Libretto of an Intergenerational Singing Group (Miriam Cusicanqui and Robert Salmon)
  • Using the End of Groups as an Intervention at End-of-Life (Ann Goelitz)
  • Group Field Instruction: A Model for Supervising Graduate Students Providing Services to Older People (Barbara H. Rinehart and Roberta Graziano)
  • The Use of a Mutual Aid Group with Home Attendants (Sister Maria Theresa Amato)
  • Remembering With and Without Awareness Through Poetry to Better Understand Aging and Disability (Andrew Malekoff)
  • Index
  • Reference Notes Included
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