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Liver Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

Liver Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

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Liver Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine emphasizes all aspects of this broad and important area and is the definitive textbook for anybody involved in the perioperative care of liver patients. The book is divided into three sections: Physiology and Pathophysiology, Anesthesiology, and Critical Care Medicine. The anesthesiology section contains information about liver transplantation and other liver surgeries and provides detailed practical direction and concise background information of all aspects of the anesthetic management of these patients based on the most recent evidence. The critical care section describes basic critical care management as it relates to liver surgical patients and addresses specific postoperative issues relevant for liver resection and liver transplant patients. The book combines practical guidance to the perioperative management with extensive background and clinical evidence to allow the reader gain an in –depth understanding of this complex and fascinating topic.

Liver Anesthesiology and Critical Care MedicineSection I: Physiology, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology of Liver Disease1.       Physiology and Anatomy of the LiverTeresa A. MulaikalJean C. Emond2.      Acute hepatic failureAndrew SlackNavjoyt LadherJulia Wendon3.      Drug Metabolism in Liver FailureSimon Lam4.      Evaluation of Liver Disease D. Robert DufourNazia QaziSection II: Anesthesiology for Liver Transplantation5.       History of Liver TransplantationJ. R. Klinck6.      Recipient and Donor Selection and Transplant Logistics – The European PerspectiveGabriela A. BerlakovichGerd R. Silberhumer7.      Recipient and Donor Selection and Transplant Logistics - The US PerspectiveIngo KleinClaus U. Niemann8.     Surgical Techniques in Liver TransplantationJuan del rio Martin9.      Intraoperative MonitoringClaus-Georg Krenn10.  Liver TransplantationAnna WaliaRoman Schumann11.   Caval Cross-clamping, Piggyback & Veno-venous BypassRuairi MouldingPaul Picton12.  Liver Transplantation: Hemodynamic Changes, Cardiac Output Monitoring and Inotropic SupportAnand D. PadmakumarMark C. Bellamy 13.  Coagulopathy: Pathophysiology, Evaluation, and TreatmentMatthew R. KappusArun J. Sanyal14.  Physiology, Prevention, and Treatment of Blood Loss During Liver TransplantationFreeha ArshadTon LismanRobert J. Porte15.   The Marginal Liver Donor and Organ Preservation StrategiesConey BaeScot D. HenryGiridhar VedulaJames V. Guarrera16.  Pediatric Liver TransplantationPhilipp J. Houck17.   Combined Solid Organ Transplantation Involving the LiverGeraldine Diaz18.  Liver Transplantation for the Patient with High MELDCynthia WangRandolph Steadman19.  Perioperative Considerations for Transplantation in Acute Liver FailureChristopher P. SnowdenDavid M. Cressey20. Renal FailureLloyd MeeksJoseph Meltzer21.  The Patient With Severe Co-Morbidities: Cardiac DiseaseShahriar ShayanAndre M. De Wolf22. Pulmonary Complications of Liver DiseaseMercedes Susan MandellMasahiko Taniguchi23. Liver Transplantation: The Patient with Severe Co-morbidities, CNS Disease, and Increased Intracranial PressureChris WillarsGeorg AuzingerSection III: Anesthesiology for Liver Surgery24.  Hepatobiliary Surgery: Indications, Evaluation, and OutcomesMilan KinkhabwalaMarcelo Vivanco 25.  Liver Resection Surgery: Anesthetic Management, Monitoring, Fluids and ElectrolytesJean MantzCatherine Paugam-Burtz26. Anesthetic Aspects of Living Donor HepatectomyNavraj KahlonTricia Brentjens27.  Complications of Liver SurgeryOliver PanzerJennifer Sandadi28. The Patient with Liver Disease for Non-Hepatic SurgeryKatherine PalmieriRobert N. Sladen Section IV: Critical Care Medicine for Liver transplantation29.  Routine Postoperative Care After Liver TransplantationJonathan HastieVivek K. Moitra30. ImmunosuppressionAmit GeraKosh Agarwal31.  Acute Kidney Injury after Liver TransplantationRaymond M. PlaninsicTetsuro SakaiIbtesam A. Hilmi 32. Early Graft FailureJames TrotterSrinath Chinnakotla 33. Sepsis and InfectionFuat Hakan Saner34. Respiratory Failure and ARDSJames Y. FindlayMark T. Keegan 35.  Pain Management in Liver TransplantationPaul WeykerChristopher WebbLeena Mathew Section V: Critical care Medicine for Liver surgery36. Post Operative Care Of Living Donor for Liver TransplantSubramanian SathishkumarTadahiro Uemura37.  Liver Surgery – Early Complications: Liver Failure, Bile Leak and Sepsis  Albert C.Y. ChanSheung Tat Fan
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Gebhard Wagener, MD is Associate Professor of Anesthesiology at Columbia University Medical Center, Director, Vascular Anesthesia Division, Member Division of Critical Care Anesthesia

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From the reviews:

“The definitive resource for anesthesiologists and critical care physicians who provide perioperative care for the patient with liver disease.” (Ravindea Alok Gupta, Anesthesiology, Vol. 121 (1), July, 2014)

“This is a comprehensive review of every aspect of liver transplant anesthesiology and associated critical care medicine. … The book is directed at anesthesiology and critical care attending physicians who provide care to liver patients. It should serve as the major reference on liver transplantation for fellows training in liver transplant anesthesia or in critical care. … It should also be available in every major medical library as a resource for anyone with an interest in any aspect of this field.” (Michael F. O’Connor, Doody's Book Reviews, April, 2013)

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