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The IVth International Conference on Quarks and Nuclear Physics

The IVth International Conference on Quarks and Nuclear Physics

QNP 2006

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The QNP series of international conferences on Quarks and Nuclear Physics is by now a well established and highly respected forum where the most recent developments in the field are discussed and communicated. QNP 2006 is the forth edition of this biennial meeting.

Selected and refereed original contributions of QNP 2006 have been published in The European Physical Journal A - Hadrons and Nuclei (EPJ A), while the present proceedings book, in addition to reprinting the articles published in EPJ A, further includes all other contributions selected and accepted by the organizing committee for publication and archiving.

Nuclear Structure and Interactions.- Modern theory of nuclear forces A.D. 2006.- Effective-field theory and the nuclear many-body problem.- Neutrino-nucleus interactions.- Extraction of G M n from inclusive electron scattering on D, 4He.- Hard collisions of spinning protons: Past, present and future.- The neutrinoless double-beta decay: A test for new physics.- Few- and many-body methods in nuclear physics.- Overview of COSY.- The kaon optical potential modified by ?+ Pentaquark excitation.- A critical analysis on deeply bound kaonic states in nuclei and the KEK experiment.- Chiral approach to antikaons in dense matter.- Meson Physics.- Meson photoproduction on the nucleon with polarized photons.- Recent KLOE results on hadron physics.- Exclusive meson production at HERMES.- The ? ? K0 decay.- Tests of the final-state radiation model at DAFNE near ?+?? threshold.- The study of light scalar mesons at BESII.- On the coherent inelastic processes in the interaction of hadrons and ?-quanta with nuclei at ultrarelativistic energies.- Scalar and axial-vector mesons.- The K? and ?? S-wave amplitude from D-meson decays.- Forward dispersion relations and Roy equations in ?? scattering.- Strangeness conservation and pair correlations of neutral kaons with low relative momenta produced in inclusive multiparticle processes.- Baryon Physics.- Photoexcitation of baryon resonances on nucleons and nuclei.- Large-N Weinberg-Tomozawa interaction and spin-flavor symmetry.- Collective resonances in the soliton model approach to meson-baryon scattering.- Resonances and the Weinberg-Tomozawa 56-baryon-35-meson interaction.- Hyperon production at COSY-TOF.- Decays of excited baryons in the large-Nc expansion of QCD.- The HERMES Recoil Detector.- Search for missing baryon resonances via associated strangeness photoproduction.- A SU(4) (?) O(3) scheme for nonstrange baryons.- Strange-baryon production asymmetry in K±N interactions.- Quark Models for Excited Baryons.- Chrial Dynamics.- Measurement of pionium lifetime with the Dirac spectrometer.- Aspects of strangeness ?1 meson-baryon scattering.- Pseudoscalar meson masses in unitarized chiral perturbation theory.- Precision measurements of kaonic atoms at DA?NE and future perspectives.- Meson-baryon s-wave resonances with strangeness ?3.- Towards an understanding of the light scalar mesons.- Deuteron radial moments for renormalized chiral potentials.- Dimension-2 condensates and Polyakov Chiral Quark Models.- Scalar isoscalar part of the hyperon-nucleon interaction.- Resonance Form-Factors: L8 determination at Next-to-Leading Order in 1/NC.- Some comments on calculations of the scalar radius of the pion and the chiral constant ?4.- Hadron Structure.- Nucleon elastic form factors.- Structure functions at HERA.- Analysis of the quadrupole deformation of ?(1232) within an effective Lagrangian model for pion photoproduction from the nucleon.- Longitudinal and transverse target-spin asymmetries associated with DVCS on the proton at HERMES.- Implications of the nuclear EMC effect.- The transparency of nuclei to nucleons and pions in a relativistic Glauber approximation.- Nucleon form factors and the BLAST experiment.- Opportunities with Drell-Yan scattering: Probing sea quarks in the nucleon and nuclei.- Strange quarks in the nucleon sea.- Meson cloud and nucleon strangeness: An update.- Leading and higher twists in proton, neutron and deuteron unpolarized structure functions F2.- Spin structure function of deuteron g 1 d from COMPASS.- Measurement of the generalized polarizabilities of the proton in Virtual Compton scattering at MAMI.- Electromagnetic properties of strange baryons in a relativistic quark model.- Retardation effects in the rotating string model.- Spin physics at COMPASS.- Nucleon sigma term and quark condensate in nuclear matter.- Mind the gap.- Hadron spectroscopy and structure from AdS/CFT.- Measurement of ?S in the proton.- Spectroscopy and Exotica.- The E687 cryptoexotic vector meson candidate.- X(1859) Baryonium or something else?.- Search for exotic baryons at HERMES.- QCD Coulomb gauge approach to exotic hadrons.- Composite-meson model and meson exchange currents.- Unraveling the f0 nature by connecting KLOE and BABAR data through analyticity.- New hadronic states observed at BES II.- D s0 + (2317) as an iso-triplet four-quark meson.- New physics and technical challenges of ANDA.- Conventional view versus FINUDA claims of a deeply bound K?pp state.- Excited baryons and heavy pentaquarks in large-Nc QCD.- Inclusive pentaquark and strange baryons production in hadron beam experiments at high energy.- ?(1405) resonance as a superposition of two states.- Casimir scaling, glueballs, and hybrid gluelumps.- Three-gluon glueballs in a semirelativistic potential model.- Hadron spectrum and hadrons in the nuclear medium.- Heavy-Quarks Physics.- Doubly heavy-quark baryon spectroscopy and semileptonic decay.- Hadron spectroscopy at BABAR.- Multichannel calculation of the very narrow D s0 * (2317) and the very broad D 0 * (2300–2400).- Radial excitations of heavy-light mesons.- Overview of Non-Relativistic QCD.- Relativistic NJL model with light and heavy quarks.- Study of semileptonic and nonleptonic decays of the B c ? meson.- Heavy quarkonia from classical SU(3) Yang-Mills configurations.- The puzzle of the D and Ds mesons.- Study of the semileptonic decays B ? ?, D ? ? and D ? K.- Heavy-quarkonium physics from effective-field theories.- Field Theory.- Superfluidity in many fermion systems: Exact renormalisation group treatment.- Dimension-2 condensates, ?-regularization and large-Nc Regge models.- On dynamical gluon mass generation.- Aspects of quark mass generation on a torus.- Constraints on the IR behaviour of gluon and ghost propagator from Ward-Slavnov-Taylor identities.- Finite-temperature ? 4 theory from the 2PI effective action: Two-loop truncation.- Goldstone boson counting in relativistic Systems at finite density.- Nonequilibrium quasi-classical effective meson gas: Thermalization.- Behavior of the topological susceptibility at finite T and ? and signs of restoration of chiral symmetries.- Field Theory on the Lattice.- 2 + 1 flavor simulations of QCD with improved staggered quarks.- Lattice QCD with a twisted mass term and a strange quark.- Yukawa model on a lattice: Two-body states.- WChPT analysis of twisted mass lattice data.- Understanding nucleon structure using lattice simulations.- Quark matter in QC2D.- Infrared gluon and ghost propagators from lattice QCD.- Hadronic decays from the lattice.- Lattice QCD and nuclear physics.- Exploring the details of the QCD phase diagram.- Static-light mesons on a dynamical anisotropic lattice.- Matter under Extreme Conditions.- Neutron stars as cosmic laboratories to explore hadronic matter at ultra-high densities.- Low-x QCD physics from RHIC and HERA to the LHC.- Phase diagram of neutron star quark matter in nonlocal chiral models.- Neutral color-spin-locking phase in neutron stars.- Dilepton production in pp and CC collisions with HADES.- Low-mass dielectrons from the PHENIX experiment at RHIC.- Phase transitions in quark matter and behaviour of physical observables in the vicinity of the critical end point.- Fluctuations and correlations in the string clustering approach.- Transport coefficients in Chiral Perturbation Theory.- Scaling properties of fluctuation results from the PHENIX experiment at RHIC.- Freeze-out of the expanding system.- Q modes in the Quark-Gluon Plasma.- Fluctuations and correlations in STAR.- Latest results on the hot dense partonic matter at RHIC.- Scenario of instabilities driven equilibration of the quark-gluon plasma.- J/? production at RHIC.- Out-of-equilibrium quantum field dynamics in external fields.- Chiral condensate thermal evolution at finite baryon chemical potential within ChPT.- Heat conductivity of a pion gas.
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