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The Routledge Historical Atlas of Presidential Elections

The Routledge Historical Atlas of Presidential Elections

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Now in its second edition, The Routledge Historical Atlas of Presidential Elections covers each race for the presidency with brisk, lively narratives up to the election of 2016.

Filled with more than 100 full-color maps and illustrations, this updated volume is an indispensable resource for learning about the suspense-filled races to gain America's highest office. Distinguished presidential historian Yanek Mieczkowski captures intriguing details about candidates, issues, and campaigns, allowing readers to experience the drama of every contest. The colorful maps that put state-by-state results at readers' fingertips show geographic voting trends during the country's history. The presidency is America's greatest political prize, and this book describes how candidates have won it-including changes in electoral strategies and campaign practices over the years. This text offers a treasure trove of historical information, such as:

  • The early tradition of the "mute" candidate
  • The period where just one effective political party existed nationwide
  • One race that witnessed an astounding 80 percent voter turnout
  • A popular-vote victory of 39.9 percent that triggered secession
  • The emergence of the "front-porch" campaign
  • A third-party candidate who got more votes than the incumbent president
  • The impact of radio, television, and the Internet on the election process

This book is essential reading for students of American history and the U.S. presidency.


1. The Elections of 1789 and 1792 2. The Election of 1796 3. The Elections of 1800 and 1804 4. The Elections of 1808 and 1812 5. The Elections of 1816 and 1820 6. The Election of 1824 7. The Election of 1828 8. The Election of 1832 9. The Election of 1836 10. The Election of 1840 11. The Election of 1844 12. The Election of 1848 13. The Election of 1852 14. The Election of 1856 15. The Election of 1860 16. The Election of 1864 17. The Election of 1868 18. The Election of 1872 19. The Election of 1876 20. The Election of 1880 21. The Election of 1884 22. The Election of 1888 23. The Election of 1892 24. The Election of 1896 25. The Election of 1900 26. The Election of 1904 27. The Election of 1908 28. The Election of 1912 29. The Election of 1916 30. The Election of 1920 31. The Election of 1924 32. The Election of 1928 33. The Election of 1932 34. The Election of 1936 35. The Election of 1940 36. The Election of 1944 37. The Election of 1948 38. The Election of 1952 39. The Election of 1956 40. The Election of 1960 41. The Election of 1964 42. The Election of 1968 43. The Election of 1972 44. The Election of 1976 45. The Election of 1980 46. The Election of 1984 47. The Election of 1988 48. The Election of 1992 49. The Election of 1996 50. The Election of 2000 51. The Election of 2004 52. The Election of 2008 53. The Election of 2012 54. The Election of 2016


Yanek Mieczkowski is a University Professor and Director of the Theodore Roosevelt School at Long Island University, U.S.A. He is the author of Eisenhower's Sputnik Moment: The Race for Space and World Prestige and Gerald Ford and the Challenges of the 1970s. He worked as a Writing Fellow for Oxford University Press and has contributed more than 40 biographies to The American National Biography.

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