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Geriatric Gastroenterology

Geriatric Gastroenterology

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As aging trends in the United States and Europe in particular are strongly suggestive of increasingly older society, it would be prudent for health care providers to better prepare for such changes. By including physiology, disease, nutrition, pharmacology, pathology, radiology and other relevant associated topics, Geriatric Gastroenterology fills the void in the literature for a volume devoted specifically to gastrointestinal illness in the elderly. This unique volume includes provision of training for current and future generations of physicians to deal with the health problems of older adults. It will also serve as a comprehensive guide to practicing physicians for ease of reference. Relevant to the geriatric age group, the volume covers epidemiology, physiology of aging, gastrointestinal physiology, pharmacology, radiology, pathology, motility disorders, luminal disorders, hepato-biliary disease, systemic manifestations, neoplastic disorders, gastrointestinal bleeding, cancer and medication related interactions and adverse events, all extremely common in older adults; these are often hard to evaluate and judge, especially considering the complex aging physiology. All have become important components of modern medicine. Special emphasis is be given to nutrition and related disorders. Capsule endoscopy and its utility in the geriatric population is also covered. Presented in simple, easy to read style, the volume includes numerous tables, figures and key points enabling ease of understanding. Chapters on imaging and pathology are profusely illustrated. All chapters are written by specialists and include up to date scientific information. Geriatric Gastroenterology is of great utility to residents in internal medicine, fellows in gastroenterology and geriatric medicine as well as gastroenterologists, geriatricians and practicing physicians including primary care physicians caring for older adults.

Perspectives and Trends
1. Geriatric Gastroenterology: the Geriatrician’s Perspective  
T.S. Dharmarajan
2. Geriatric Gastroenterology: The gastroenterologist’s perspective:  
C.S. Pitchumoni
3. Geriatric gastroenterology: future trends 
Karen E Hall

Basic Sciences, Principles and Epidemiology
4. The Physiology of Aging    
T.S. Dharmarajan
5. The Gastrointestinal System and Aging   
T.S. Dharmarajan, Amit Sohagia, C.S. Pitchumoni
6. Epidemiology of Gastrointestinal disease   
Julia B Greer, Haq Nawaz,  Dhiraj Yadav 
7. Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment  
T.S. Dharmarajan

8. Drug effects on the gastrointestinal tract 
Vishal Jain, T.S. Dharmarajan, C.S. Pitchumoni
9. Pharmacokinetics of aging     
Ryan J Haumschild
10. Drug-nutrient interactions   
Srinivas Guptha Gunturu,  T.S. Dharmarajan
11. Probiotics     
Martin H. Floch

12. Geriatric Nutritional assessment  
T.S. Dharmarajan, Kenneth L. Minaker
13. Tube feeding: techniques and procedure  
Amit Sohagia, Hilary I Hertan 
14. Enteral and Parenteral nutrition   
Manie Juneja, Stephen JD O’ Keefe
15. Ethical aspects, expectations and outcomes associated with PEG in Dementia 
T.S. Dharmarajan, Krishna P Aparanji, C.S. Pitchumoni
16. Water, Potassium, Sodium, and Chloride in Nutrition   
T.S. Dharmarajan, Kenneth L.  Minaker
17. Intravenous Fluid Administration   
Eugene C. Corbett Jr  
18. B12 and Folic acid    
T.S. Dharmarajan, Srinivas Guptha Gunturu
19. Iron, copper and zinc     
T.S. Dharmarajan, Srinivas Guptha Gunturu, C.S. Pitchumoni
20. Vitamin D and calcium   
T.S. Dharmarajan,  Amit Sohagia
21. Dietary Fiber in Health and Disease  
C.S. Pitchumoni,  Fisseha Y.Ghidey
22. Healthy Diet for the Older adult  
Sirakarn Tejavanija, Sunil S. Jhangiani

23. Endoscopy in Older Adults: Risks, benefits, considerations 
Noelle O’Shea, Frank J. Lukens
24. Wireless capsule endoscopy   
C.S. Pitchumoni and Neelam G. Gidwaney
25. Gastrointestinal Radiology:   
Judith K. Amorosa, C.S. Pitchumoni
26. Advanced Imaging of Geriatric Gastrointestinal Pathology 
Fernanda Samara Mazzariol

27. Laboratory tests in Older Adults: Indications, Interpretations, Issues  
T.S. Dharmarajan, C.S. Pitchumoni
28. Gastrointestinal Pathology in the Older Adult   
Noam Harpaz, Mohammad Raoufi, Hongfa Zhu

Motility Disorders
29.  Dysphagia          
James C Reynolds, Bassem R. George
30. Gastroparesis in older adults   
Richard W. McCallum, Ashish Malhotra
31. Esophageal Reflux disease and its Complications.
Missale Solomon, James C Reynolds 

Signs and Symptoms
32. Abdominal pain    
C.S. Pitchumoni, T.S. Dharmarajan
33. Intestinal Gas     
Debra R Goldstein, C.S. Pitchumoni
34. Constipation      
T.S. Dharmarajan,  David Widjaja, C.S. Pitchumoni
35. Diarrhea              
Sita Chokhavatia, Arvind J Trindade
36. Upper and Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding 
C.S. Pitchumoni, Alexander Brun

Hepato Biliary System and Pancreas
37. Liver function tests and interpretation 
Jacob Alexander, Kris V. Kowdley
38. Viral Liver Diseases     
Satheesh Nair, Jihad O. Arteh
39. Tumors of the liver    
Satheesh Nair, Jihad O. Arteh
40. Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and  Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)    
C.S. Pitchumoni
41. Drug induced liver injury  
Indira Donepudi, Hatef. Massoumi, T.S. Dharmarajan, C.S. Pitchumoni
42. Gall bladder disease :            
Nanakram Agarwal, Suzanne Morrissey, Shyam Thakkar
43. Acute Pancreatitis    
C.S. Pitchumoni
44. Chronic Pancreatitis    
Gaurav Aggarwal,  Suresh T Chari 

Luminal disorders
45. Oral health in Older Adults              
Mary S. Haumschild, Barbara G. Hammacker
46. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth syndrome: 
T.S. Dharmarajan, C.S. Pitchumoni
47. Peptic ulcer     
Isidor Segal  
48. Irritable bowel syndrome   
Eamonn M M Quigley
49. Intestinal ischemia    
Hazar  Michael, C.S. Pitchumoni
50. Inflammatory bowel disease   
Jeffrey Raphael Abergel,  Kiron M Das
51. Non-IBD and Non-Infectious colitis  
Ole Haagen Nielsen, Jakob Benedict Seidelin
52. Celiac disease     
C.S. Pitchumoni,  Nancy Chen
53. Diverticular disease    
C.S. Pitchumoni
54. Clostridium Difficile Associated Diseases 
C.S. Pitchumoni, T.S. Dharmarajan
55. Gastrointestinal Infections   
David V. Alcid
56. Anal Incontinence   
Sanjiv K. Patankar, Negar M. Salehomoum
57. Rectal prolapse    
Sanjiv K. Patankar, Rodolfo Pigalarga

58. Colorectal Cancer Screening In The Older Adult: A Case Based Approach  
Brijen J Shah,  Sita Chokhavatia
59. Gastrointestinal polyps   
Tamir Ben-Menachem
60. Gastric neoplasms   
Philip Chang, Isidor Segal 
61. Esophageal cancer    
Noah Kornblum
62. Pancreatic cancer   
Gaurav Aggarwal,  Suresh T Chari 
63. Colorectal cancer   
Giridhar U. Adiga, Janice  P. Dutcher

Palliative Care
64. Palliative Care of GI issues at the End of Life   
John M. Heath, Elizabeth Poplin

65. The Surgical Abdomen   
Carlos A Pelaez, Nanakram Agarwal
66. Colostomy and Ileostomy care  
Juan J. Omana, Nanakram Agarwal

Systems Disorders
67. Gastrointestinal and Hepatic Manifestations of Systemic Diseases  
Ellen C. Ebert
68. Abdominal aortic aneurysm    
T.S. Dharmarajan
69. Rheumatological manifestations of Gastrointestinal Disease 
Nayan K Kothari, Srilatha Kothandaraman
70. Mucocutaneous manifestations with Gastrointestinal disease 
Robert A Norman, Trupal Patel
71. HIV disease       
C.S. Pitchumoni and Alexander Brun
72. Gastrointestinal Disorders in the Older Adult: the Psychiatrist’s Role   
Alberto Cortes-Ladino

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From the reviews:

“The purpose is to be an all-inclusive reference source for gastroenterology information pertinent to geriatric patients. … The book is comprehensive, practical, and full of contemporary information. The anticipated audience includes internal medicine residents, GI trainees, and practicing physicians. … Chapters include current clinical practice guidelines and up-to-date references. This comprehensive textbook of geriatric gastroenterology is to be welcomed. It is up to date and provides useful practical information.” (Willem de Villiers, Doody’s Review Service, 2012)
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