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New Challenges in Communication with Cancer Patients

New Challenges in Communication with Cancer Patients

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The relationship between oncologists and their cancer patients is rapidly evolving. Oncologists and other cancer professionals master new anticancer and supportive treatment options, while working under increasing economic pressure and time constraints, and are often unprepared to deal with all the challenges of their new position in a therapeutic relationship with cancer patients and families. Good communication is as essential as are modern laboratory tests and sophisticated diagnostics to achieve the best clinical results.

This book updates the evolution of truth-telling and communication patterns worldwide and offers insights into the recent trends and emerging challenges in communication with cancer patients and families. New Challenges in Communication with Cancer Patients is an invaluable resource to medical professionals, educators and patients in establishing a strong and effective partnership built on trust and mutual understanding.

Table of Contents Communication: Back to the Human Side of MedicineAntonella Surbone, Matjaž Zwitter, Mirjana Rajer and Richard Stiefel Part I:  The Cancer llness: Discovering Truth1.       From Truth Telling to Truth In the Making: A Paradigm Shift in Communication with Cancer Patients  Antonella Surbone2.       Denial in Patient-Physician Communication Among Patients with Cancer  Neil Aggarwal and Michael Rowe3.       Managing Uncertainty Lidia Schapira4.       Ethical Issues in Disclosing Bad News to Cancer Patients: Reflections of an Oncologist in Saudi Arabia Ali Al-Amri5.       Psychological Challenges for the Oncology Clinician Who Has to Break Bad News Friedrich Stiefel and Sonia Krenz6.       Dealing with Depression: Communicating with Cancer Patients and Grieving Relatives Luigi Grassi, Rosangela Caruso and Maria Giulia Nanni7.       Communication Issues in Integrative Oncology Donald Abrams8.       Communicating About Spiritual Issues with Cancer Patients Lorenzo Norris, Kathryn Walseman and Christina M. Puchalski9.       Understanding Perspective Transformation Among Recently Diagnosed Cancer Patients in Western India  Avinash Thombre and Allen C. ShermanPart II:  The Patient and The Family 10.   In the Pursuit of Meaning: Cancer and the Family Lea Baider11.   The Patient’s Personality as a Guide to Communication StrategyPurvish Parikh, Kumar Prabhash, GS Bhattacharyya and AA Ranade12.   Challenges to the Disclosure of Bad News to Cancer Patients in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia as an ExampleAli Aljubran 13.   Talking to a Child with Cancer: Learning from the Experience Eulalia Lascar, María Angélica Alizade and Blanca Diez14.   Effective Communication with Older Cancer Patient Lodovico Balducci and Martine Extermann15.   “I Never Died Before…” End-of-Life Communication with Elderly Cancer Patients Stein S. Husebø and Bettina S. Husebø16.   Communication with Cancer Patients about Palliative and End-of-Life Care Guido Biasco, Matteo Moroni and Ludovica De Panfilis17.   Communication with Patients with Hereditary Cancer:   Practical Considerations Focusing on Women’s Cancers Karen Carapetyan, Julia Smith and Franco Muggia Part III: The Physician 18.   Physician’s Emotions in the Cancer Setting: A Basic Guide to Improving Well-Being and Doctor-Patient Communication Marie Die Trill 19.   The Setting, The Truth and The Dimensions of Communication with Cancer Patients Ursula Klocker –Kaiser  and Johann Klocker20.   Improving Communication Effectiveness in Oncology: The Role of Emotions Maria Antonietta Annunziata and Barbara Muzzatti21.   Binary Thinking: Hope and Realistic Expectations in Communication with Cancer Patients Jerome Lowenstein22.   A Physician’s Personal Experiences as a Cancer-of-the-Neck Patient: Communication of Medical Errors to Cancer Patients and Their Families Itzhak Brook23.   Communication with Cancer Patients in Family Medicine Mustafa Fevzi Dikici, Fusun Yaris and Fusun Aysin Artiran Igde24.   How to Train Teachers of Communication Skills: The Oncotalk Teach Model Walter F. Baile25.   Communication Skills Training of Physicians in Portugal Luzia Travado26.   Communication between Cancer Patients and Oncologists in Japan Maiko Fujimori, Yuki Shirai and Yosuke UchitomiPart IV:  The Cultural and Social Aspects 27.   Multicultural Aspects of Care for Cancer Patients in Israel Miri Cohen 28.   Cancer Diagnosis Disclosure: The French Experience Sylvie Dolbeault and Anne Brédart29.   Communication with Patients with Hematological Malignancies in Argentina Astrid Pavlovsky, Lourdes Bertolino, Victoria Patxot and Carolina Pavlovsky30.   Teaching Cultural Competent Communication with Diverse Ethnic Patients and Families Marjorie Kagawa-Singer31.   Breaking Bad News and Truth Disclosure in Australia Phyllis N. Butow, Martin HN Tattersall, Josephine Clayton and David Goldstein32.   Defining the Possible Barriers to Communication with Cancer Patients: A Critical Perspective from Turkey Tolga Güven33.   Cancer Disclosure, Health Related Quality of Life, and Psychological Distress: an Iranian Perspective Ali Montazeri34.   The Challenges in Communication with Cancer Patients in Contemporary Bosnia and Herzegovina SocietyBakir Mehić35.   Evolution of Truth-Telling Practices of Brazil and South America Gilberto Schwartsmann and Andre T. Brunetto36.   Communication with Cancer Patient in Russia: Improving Patients’ Participation and Motivation Eugeny Demin and Anastasia Gamaley 37.   Communication with Cancer Patients in ZimbabweNtokozo Ndlovu Part V:  The Contribution and Interference of Modern Information Technologies 38.   The Dialectics of the Production of Printed Educational Material for Cancer Patients: Developing Communication Prostheses Paulo Roberto Vasconcellos-Silva39.   The Benefits and Pitfalls of the Internet in Communication with Cancer PatientsMirjana Rajer40.   To Tell or Not To Tell – No More a Question! Branko Zakotnik41.   Impact of the Internet and Economy on Cancer Communication in ChinaZhi-gang Zhuang and Jia-Ling Chou42.   Communication with Patients in Clinical Research Matjaž Zwitter About the Authors
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Antonella Surbone is a medical oncologist working in Italy and the US. Together with Professor Zwitter and Richard Stiefel, she authored and edited the 1997 New York Academy of Sciences volume Communication with the Cancer Patient: Information and truth, which inspired her further work and this present book.

Matjaz Zwitter is a radiation oncologist with a long-term interest in lung cancer, Hodgkin’s disease, and medical ethics. In addition, he serves as Professor of Medical Ethics at the Medical School, University of Maribor, Slovenia.

Mirjana Rajer is a medical oncology student at the Institute of Oncology, Ljubljana. She is involved in clinical research in lung cancer and conducts research in cancer-patient communication, with special emphasis on the impact of media and the Internet on patient-physician communication.

Richard Stiefel first worked with Drs. Surbone and Zwitter during his twenty years as Associate Editor of the Annals of The New York Academy of Sciences. He has had a parallel career as Lecturer in Music Theory at Hunter College of the City University of New York.

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