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Oxygen Homeostasis and Its Dynamics

Oxygen Homeostasis and Its Dynamics


Keio University Symposia for Life Science and Medicine

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This first volume in a projected series contains the proceedings of the first of the Keio University International Symposia for Life Sciences and Medicine under the sponsorship of the Keio University Medical Science Fund. As stated in the address by the President of Keio University at the opening of the 1996 symposium, the fund of Dr. Mitsunada Sakaguchi. The Keio was established by the generous donation University International Symposia for Life Sciences and Medicine constitute one of the core activities of the fund. The objective is to contribute to the international community by developing human resources, promoting scientific knowledge, and encouraging mutual exchange. Every year, the Executive Committee of the Interna tional Symposia for Life Sciences and Medicine selects the most interesting topics for the symposium from applications received in response to a call for papers to the Keio medical community. The publication of these proceedings is intended to publicize and distribute information arising from the lively discussions of the most exciting and current issues during the symposium. Weare grateful to Dr. Mitsunada Sakaguchi, who made the symposium possible, the members of the program committee, and the office staff whose support guaran teed the success of the symposium. Finally, we thank Springer-Verlag, Tokyo, for their assistance in publishing this work. Akimichi Kaneko, M. D. , Ph. D.
1 Cytochrome Oxidases.- Structure and Possible Mechanism of Action of Cytochrome c Oxidase from the Soil Bacterium Paracoccus denitrificans.- Crystal Structure and Reaction Mechanism of Bovine Heart Cytochrome c Oxidase.- Cooperation of Two Quinone-Binding Sites in the Oxidation of Substrates by Cytochrome bo.- Rapid Formation of a Semiquinone Species on Oxidation of Quinol by the Cytochrome bo3 Oxidase from Escherichia coli.- Coupling of Ion and Charge Movements: From Peroxidases to Protonmotive Oxidases.- Ligand Dynamics in the Binuclear Site in Cytochrome Oxidase.- Time-Resolved Resonance Raman Study of Dioxygen Reduction by Cytochrome c Oxidase.- Human Cytochrome c Oxidase Analyzed with Cytoplasts.- Redox Behavior of Copper A in Cytochrome Oxidase in the Brain In Vivo: Its Clinical Significance.- Crystallization of Bovine Heart Mitochondrial Cytochrome c Oxidase for X-Ray Diffraction at Atomic Resolution (2. 8-Å).- Mechanism of Dioxygen Reduction by Cytochrome c Oxidase as Studied by Time-Resolved Resonance Raman Spectroscopy.- Coupling of Proton Transfer to Oxygen Chemistry in Cytochrome Oxidase: The Roles of Residues I67 and E243.- Respiration of Helicobacter pylori, cb-Type Cytochrome c Oxidase, and Inhibition of NADH Oxidation by O2.- The Regulation by ATP of the Catalytic Activity and Molecular State of Thiobacillus novellus Cytochrome c Oxidase.- 2 Cytochrome P-450 Monooxygenases.- Structure-Function Studies of P-450BM-3.- Oxygen Binding to P-450cam Induces Conformational Changes of Putidaredoxin in the Ferrous P-450cam-Reduced Putidaredoxin Complex.- Crystal Structure of Nitric Oxide Reductase Cytochrome P-450nor from Fusarium oxysporum.- Analysis of NAD(P)H Binding Site of Cytochrome P-450nor.- Substitutions of Artificial Amino Acids O-Methyl-Thr, O-Methyl-Asp, S-Methyl-Cys, and 3-Amino-Ala for Thr-252 of Cytochrome P-450cam: Probing the Importance of the Hydroxyl Group of Thr-252 for Oxygen Activation.- From a Monooxygenase to an Oxidase: The P-450 BM3 Mutant T268A.- Thiolate Adducts of the Myoglobin Cavity Mutant H93G as Models for Cytochrome P-450.- Pronounced Effects of Axial Thiolate Ligand on Oxygen Activation by Iron Porphyrin.- Superoxide via Peroxynitrite Blocks Prostacyclin Synthesis.- The N=N Bond Cleavage of Angeli’s Salt Is Markedly Enhanced by Cytochrome P-450 1A2: Effects of Distal Amino Acid Mutations on the Formation of Nitric Oxide Complexes.- Langmuir-Blodgett Films of Cytochrome P-450scc: Molecular Organization and Thermostability.- Kinetic Analysis of Successive Reactions Catalyzed by Cytochromes P-45017?,lyase and P-45011?.- Changing Substrate Specificity and Product Pattern in Adrenal Cytochrome P-450-Dependent Steroid Hydroxylases.- Inhibition Studies of Steroid Conversions Mediated by Human CYP11B1 and CYP11B2 Expressed in Cell Cultures.- Effects of ACTH and Angiotensin II on the Novel Cell Layer Without Corticosteroid-Synthesizing Activity in Rat Adrenal Cortex.- Cell-Specific and Hormonally Regulated Gene Expression Directed by the CYP11B1 Gene Promoter in Rat Adrenal Cortex.- Gene Organization and Genetic Defects of Bilirubin UDP-Glucuronosyltransferase.- Imaging of Calcium Oscillations and Activity of Cytochrome P-450scc in Adrenocortical Cells.- 3 Various Types of Oxidases and Oxygenases.- Fundamentally Divergent Strategies for Oxygen Activation by Fe2+ and Fe3+ Catecholic Dioxygenases.- Three-Dimensional Structure of an Extradiol-Type Catechol Ring Cleavage Dioxygenase BphC derived from Pseudomonas sp. strain KKS102: Structural Features Pertinent to Substrate Specificity and Reaction Mechanisms.- Probing the Reaction Mechanism of Protocatechuate 3,4-Dioxygenase with X-Ray Crystallography.- Nitric Oxide Synthases: Structure, Function, and Control.- Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies on Substrate Binding to the NO Complex of Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase.- Herne Oxygenase: A Central Enzyme of Oxygen-Dependent Herne Catabolism and Carbon Monoxide Synthesis.- Herne Degradation Mechanism by Herne Oxygenase: Conversion of ?-meso-Hydroxyheme to Verdoheme IX?.- A Spectroscopic Study on the Intermediates of Herne Degradation by Herne Oxygenase.- Expression of Herne Oxygenase and Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase mRNA in a Human Glioblastoma Cell Line.- The Mechanism of Conversion of Xanthine Dehydrogenase to Xanthine Oxidase.- Mechanism-Based Molecular Design of Peroxygenases.- Catalytic Roles of the Distal Site Hydrogen Bond Network of Peroxidases.- Catalytic Intermediates of Polyethylene-Glycolated Horseradish Peroxidase in Benzene.- Formation of a Hydroperoxy Complex of Heme During the Reaction of Ferric Myoglobin with H2O2.- Photooxidation in Ternary System Human Serum Albumin-Chlorin e6-Tryptophan.- 4 Oxygen Sensing and Regulation of Blood Flow.- Tissue Oxygen Pressure and Oxygen Sensing by the Carotid Body.- Molecular Mechanisms of Hypoxia-Induced Angiogenesis.- Mechanisms of Pulmonary Vasodilatation and Ductus Arteriosus Constriction by Normoxia.- Biological Impediment to Oxygen Sensing in Injured Pulmonary Microcirculation Exposed to a High-Oxygen Environment.- Transcriptional Responses Mediated by Hypoxia-Inducible Factor 1.- Differences in Particle Size and Oxygen-Binding Affinity Between Cross-Linked Hemoglobin and Hemoglobin Vesicle.- Activation of Gene Expression of Collagenase and ICAM-1 by UVA Radiation and by Exposure to Singlet Oxygen.- Redox Regulation of the Nuclear Factor Kappa B (NF-?B) Signaling Pathway and Disease Control.- Thioredoxin and Its Involvement in the Redox Regulation of Transcription Factors, NF-KB and AP-1.- Inhibition of Cytokines and ICAM-1 Induction in Rheumatoid Fibroblasts by anti-NF-?B Reagents.- Detection of a Nuclear 60-kDa Protein Coimmunoprecipitated with Human Thioredoxin.- Ito Cells: A Putative Cellular Component Responsible for Carbon Monoxide-Mediated Microvascular Relaxation in the Rat Liver.- K+ Channels and the Normoxic Constriction of the Rabbit Ductus Arteriosus.- Modulation of Adhesion Molecule Expression in Pulmonary Vascular Endothelium by Oxygen.- Cross Talk Between Nitric Oxide and Cyclooxygenase Pathways in Glomerular Mesangial Cells.- 5 Pathophysiology and Physiology of Gaseous Monoxides.- Pathophysiological Reactivities of Nitric Oxide.- Defenses Against Peroxynitrite.- Bioactive 6-Nitronorepinephrine Formation Requiring Nitric Oxide Synthase in Mammalian Brain.- Role of Nitric Oxide in the Regulation of Cerebral Blood Flow in Conscious Rats.- Physiological Implication of Induction of Heme Oxygenase-1 Gene Expression.- Carbon Monoxide: Toxic Waste or Endogenous Modulator of Hepatobiliary Function?.- Microspectrophotometry of Nitric Oxide-Dependent Changes in Hemoglobin in Single Red Blood Cells Incubated with Stimulated Macrophages.- An Antioxidant Role of Nitric Oxide in Modulation of Oxidative Stress in Human Placental Trophoblastic Cells.- Liberation of Nitric Oxide from S-Nitrosothiols.- Change of Nitric Oxide Concentration in Exhaled Gas After Lung Resection.- Induction of NADPH Cytochrome P-450 Reductase in Kupffer Cells After Chronic Ethanol Consumption Associated with Increase of Superoxide Anion Formation.- In Vivo Measurement of Superoxide in the Cerebral Cortex Utilizing Cypridina luciferin analog (MCLA) Chemiluminescence.- Effects of Zinc Protoporphyrin IX, a Herne Oxygenase Inhibitor, on Mitochondrial Membrane Potential in Rat Cultured Hepatocytes.- Structure and Function of NO Reductase with Oxygen-Reducing Activity.- Oxidative Modification of Apolipoprotein E3 and Its Biological Significance.- Sequential Multistep Mechanisms for Leukocyte Adhesion: Applicable to Lung Microcirculation?.- Role of Nitric Oxide in Autoregulation of Cerebral Blood Flow in the Rat.- Key Word Index.
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