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Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics

Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics

5th International Conference, PPAM 2003, Czestochowa, Poland, September 7-10, 2003. Revised Papers

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It is our pleasure to provide you with the volume containing the proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Parallel Processing and Applied Mathe- tics, which was held in Cz¸ estochowa, a Polish city famous for its Jasna Gora Monastery, on September 7–10, 2003. The ?rst PPAM conference was held in 1994 and was organized by the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Cz¸ estochowa University of Technology in its hometown. The main idea behind the event was to provide a forum for researchers involved in applied and computational mathematics and parallel computing to exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. Conference organizers hoped that this arrangement would result in cross-pollination and lead to successful research collaborations. In - dition, they hoped that the initially mostly Polish conference would grow into an international event. The fact that these assumptions were correct was proven by the growth of the event. While the ?rst conference consisted of 41 presen- tions, the conference reached 150 participants in Na l¸ ecz´ ow in 2001. In this way the PPAM conference has become one of the premiere Polish conferences, and de?nitely the most important one in the area of parallel/distributed computing andappliedmathematics. This year’s meeting gathered almost 200 participants from 32 countries. A strict refereeing process resulted in the acceptance of approximately 150 cont- buted presentations, while the rejection rate was approximately 33%.
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Parallel and Distributed Architectures.- Session Guarantees to Achieve PRAM Consistency of Replicated Shared Objects.- An Extended Atomic Consistency Protocol for Recoverable DSM Systems.- Hyper-Threading Technology Speeds Clusters.- Building Autonomic Clusters: A Response to IBM’s Autonomic Computing Challenge.- Configurable Microprocessor Array for DSP Applications.- On Generalized Moore Digraphs.- RDMA Communication Based on Rotating Buffers for Efficient Parallel Fine-Grain Computations.- Communication on the Fly in Dynamic SMP Clusters – Towards Efficient Fine Grain Numerical Computations.- Wait-Free Publish/Subscribe Using Atomic Registers.- Scheduling and Load Balancing.- Accelerated Diffusion Algorithms on General Dynamic Networks.- Suitability of Load Scheduling Algorithms to Workload Characteristics.- Minimizing Time-Dependent Total Completion Time on Parallel Identical Machines.- Diffusion Based Scheduling in the Agent-Oriented Computing System.- Approximation Algorithms for Scheduling Jobs with Chain Precedence Constraints.- Combining Vector Quantization and Ant-Colony Algorithm for Mesh-Partitioning.- Wavelet-Neuronal Resource Load Prediction for Multiprocessor Environment.- Fault-Tolerant Scheduling in Distributed Real-Time Systems.- Online Scheduling of Multiprocessor Jobs with Idle Regulation.- Performance Analysis and Prediction.- Predicting the Response Time of a New Task on a Beowulf Cluster.- Space Decomposition Solvers and Their Performance in PC-Based Parallel Computing Environments.- Evaluation of Execution Time of Mathematical Library Functions Based on Historical Performance Information.- Empirical Modelling of Parallel Linear Algebra Routines.- Efficiency of Divisible Load Processing.- Gray Box Based Data Access Time Estimation for Tertiary Storage in Grid Environment.- Performance Modeling of Parallel FEM Computations on Clusters.- Asymptotical Behaviour of the Communication Complexity of One Parallel Algorithm.- Analytical Modeling of Optimized Sparse Linear Code.- Parallel and Distributed Non-numerical Algorithms.- A BSP Parallel Model for the Göttfert Algorithm over F 2.- Parallelizing the Unsupervised k-Windows Clustering Algorithm.- Parallel Simulated Annealing for Bicriterion Optimization Problems.- Data Decomposition for Parallel K-means Clustering.- On Generation of Permutations through Suffix/Prefix Reversing in a Cellular Network.- A Parallel Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Unranking t–ary Trees.- Adaptive Pareto Differential Evolution and Its Parallelization.- Parallel and Distributed Programming.- Global Predicates for Online Control of Distributed Applications.- A Thread Partitioning Algorithm for Data Locality Improvement.- Parallel Branch-and-Bound Skeletons: Message Passing and Shared Memory Implementations.- Selfverifying Solvers for Linear Systems of Equations in C-XSC.- Process Decomposition via Synchronization Events and Its Application to Counter-Process Decomposition.- Exception Handling Model with Influence Factors for Distributed Systems.- Program Structuring Heuristics for Parallel Systems Based on Multiple Crossbar Switches.- Automatic Generation of Optimized Parallel Codes for N-body Simulations.- Tools and Environments for Parallel and Distributed Processing.- Monitoring Threaded Application with Thread-Enabled OMIS Monitor.- Parallel Program Design Tool with Application Control Methods Based on Global States.- Event Handling in the J-OCM Monitoring System.- Request Processing in the Java-Oriented OMIS Compliant Monitoring System.- Architecture and Implementation of Distributed Data Storage Using Web Services, CORBA and PVM.- Online Visualization of OpenMP Programs in the DeWiz Environment.- Cluster Monitoring and Management in the WebCI Environment.- Fine-Grained System-Call Scheduling in CEFOS on Commodity Processors.- Dynamic Process Communication in the GDE Environment.- A Lightweight Message Logging Scheme for Fault Tolerant MPI.- Improving the Performances of a Distributed NFS Implementation.- Testability of Distributed Objects.- Dynamically Reconfigurable Scientific Computing on Large-Scale Heterogeneous Grids.- Applications of Parallel and Distributed Computing.- Parallelization of Large Scale Adaptive Finite Element Computations.- A Multi-agent System Based on the Information Metabolism Theory.- Application of Cellular Automata for Cryptography.- A Monte Carlo Study of Continuous Non-Ising Phase Transitions in the 3D Ashkin-Teller Model Using the OpenMosix Cluster of Linux PCs.- Parallelization of the QC-Lib Quantum Computer Simulator Library.- Parallel Simulation of Czochralski Crystal Growth.- Application of Parallel Computing in the Transfer-Matrix Simulations of the Supramolecular Rings.- Hierarchical Communication for the Parallel Simulations in the Distributed Environment.- Stepwise Development of Distributed Interactive Simulation Systems.- Some Aspects of Parallel Performance of a Seismic Ray Analysis Algorithm.- Fish Schools: PDES Simulation and Real Time 3D Animation.- Consuming Environment with Transportation Network Modelled Using Graph of Cellular Automata.- Parallelizing Flood Model for Linux Clusters with MPI.- High Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Analysis with the Use of the Parallel FDTD Method.- Evolutionary Computing with Applications.- Genetic Clustering as a Parallel Algorithm for Approximating Basins of Attraction.- Multiple-Deme Parallel Estimation of Distribution Algorithms: Basic Framework and Application.- A Memory-Efficient Elitist Genetic Algorithm.- Augmented Compact Genetic Algorithm.- Parallel Genetic Algorithm for the Flow Shop Scheduling Problem.- Optimization of Structures Using Distributed and Parallel Evolutionary Algorithms.- A Parallel Evolutionary Algorithm for Discovery of Decision Rules.- An Evolutionary Programming Algorithm for Automatic Engineering Design.- Weighted Vector Directional Filters Optimized by Genetic Algorithms.- Soft Computing.- Systolic Architectures for Soft Computing Algorithms.- Image Compression Based on Soft Computing Techniques.- A Flexible Connectionist Fuzzy System.- Recursive Probabilistic Neural Networks.- Neuro-Fuzzy versus Non-parametric Approach to System Modeling and Classification.- On Designing of Neuro-Fuzzy Systems.- Multi-expert Systems.- New Methods for Uncertainty Representations in Neuro-Fuzzy Systems.- Interval Comparison Based on Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence.- Data and Knowledge Management.- Distributed Spatial Data Warehouse.- Improving Load Balance and Fault Tolerance for PC Cluster-Based Parallel Information Retrieval.- An Efficient Conflict Detection Method for Maintaining Consistency of Mobile Database System.- Distributed Knowledge Management Based on Software Agents and Ontology.- Ontology Assisted Access to Document Repositories in Public Sector Organizations.- Numerical Methods and Their Applications.- Simulations of Granular Cohesion Dynamics on Rough Surfaces.- Adaptive Noise Reduction in Microarray Images Based on the Center-Weighted Vector Medians.- Implementation Aspects of a Recovery-Based Error Estimator in Finite Element Analysis.- Optimization Using Nimrod/O and Its Application to Robust Mechanical Design.- Object Oriented Implementation of Modelling Bi-phase Gas-Particle Flows.- Multi-dimensional Systems – Applications and Computations.- Mathematical Linguistics Model for Medical Diagnostics of Organ of Hearing in Neonates.- Parallelization in an Algorithm of Multi-dimensional Nonconvex Optimization: An Application to Insurance Network Design.- Discrimination between Models of Distributed Parameter Systems Using T-optimum Experimental Design.- Robust Activation Strategy of Scanning Sensors via Sequential Design in Parameter Estimation of Distributed Systems.- Application Grid Workshop.- Security in the OCM-G Grid Application Monitoring System.- Mediators in the Architecture of Grid Information Systems.- Towards the Wisdom Grid: Goals and Architecture.- Automatic Flow Building for Component Grid Applications.- Grid Architecture for Interactive Applications.- Pegasus and the Pulsar Search: From Metadata to Execution on the Grid.- Flood Forecasting in a Grid Computing Environment.- Adaptive Grid Scheduling of a High-Throughput Bioinformatics Application.- Advanced Replica Management with Reptor.- SuperVise: Using Grid Tools to Simplify Visualization.- Metrics for Grid Applicability: A Distributed Elliptic Curve Platform Assessment.- Execution and Migration Management of HLA-Based Interactive Simulations on the Grid.- HeteroPar’03.- Asymptotically Optimal Algorithm for Laplace Task Graphs on Heterogeneous Platforms.- Dynamic Tasks Assignment for Real Heterogeneous Clusters.- Messages Scheduling for Data Redistribution between Clusters.- Multidimensional Static Block Data Decomposition for Heterogeneous Clusters.- A Job Scheduling Strategy for Heterogeneous Multiprogrammed Systems.- Classification of Partitioning Problems for Networks of Heterogeneous Computers.- Load-Balancing Iterative Computations on Heterogeneous Clusters with Shared Communication Links.- Large Scale Peer to Peer Performance Evaluations, with Gauss-Jordan Method as an Example.- Anticipating Performance Information of Newly Portable Computers on the WLAN for Load Balancing.- Performance Study of Scheduling Mechanisms for Peer-to-Peer Computing Environments.- Workshop on High Perfomance Numerical Algorithms.- Analyzing the Efficiency of Block-Cyclic Checkerboard Partitioning in Neville Elimination.- Parallel Algorithms for the Solution of Toeplitz Systems of Linear Equations.- An Embedded Iterative Scheme in Electromagnetism.- Cholesky Factorization of Matrices in Parallel and Ranking of Graphs.- Parallel Square Modular Computer Algebra.- Semi-systolic Architecture for AB 2 Operation over GF(2 m ).- A Class of Block Smoothers for Multigrid Solution of Saddle Point Problems with Application to Fluid Flow.- Parallelizable Password-Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol.- GRIBB – Branch-and-Bound Methods on the Internet.- Parallel Modular Multiplication Algorithm in Residue Number System.- A Combined Fractional Step Domain Decomposition Method for the Numerical Integration of Parabolic Problems.- Incomplete Cholesky Factorization in Fixed Memory.- A Multigrid Poisson Solver on General 3-Dimensional Domains.- Solving Linear Recurrence Systems Using Level 2 and 3 BLAS Routines.- Workshop on Large Scale Scientific Computations.- Accelerating Optimization of Input Parameters in Wildland Fire Simulation.- A Tool to Execute ASSIST Applications on Globus-Based Grids.- Adaptive Computation over Dynamic and Heterogeneous Networks.- Deterministic Large-Scale Simulations of the Low-Dimensional Magnetic Spin Systems.- Distributed File System for Clusters and Grids.- New Adaptive GMRES(m) Method with Choosing Suitable Restart Cycle m.- The Non-blocking Programming Paradigm in Large Scale Scientific Computations.- Comprehensive Air Pollution Studies with the Unified Danish Eulerian Model.- Special Session on Parallel and Distributed Bioinformatic Applications.- Parallel Algorithms for Evolutionary History Reconstruction.- A Hierarchical Model of Parallel Genetic Programming Applied to Bioinformatic Problems.- A Fault-Tolerant Protocol for Resource Allocation in a Grid Dedicated to Genomic Applications.- Parallel Stochastic Search for Protein Secondary Structure Prediction.
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