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Sensors and Microsystems

Sensors and Microsystems

AISEM 2009 Proceedings

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Sensors and Microsystems contains a selection of papers presented at the 14th Italian conference on sensors and microsystems. It provides a unique perspective on the research and development of sensors, microsystems and related technologies in Italy. The scientific values of the papers also offers an invaluable source to analyists intending to survey the Italian situation about sensors and microsystems. In an interdisciplinary approachm many aspects of the disciplines are covered, ranging from materials science, chemistry, applied physics, electronic engineering and biotechnologies.

Further details of the conference and its full program at the website

microelectromechanical system (MEMS)


With the Eye of the Beholder: An Introduction to the Observation of Multidimensional Data with the Principal Component Analysis; C. Di Natale

Biosensor Technology: A Brief History; I. Palchetti, M. Mascini

Fundamental Limitations in Resistive Wide Range Gas-Sensor Interface Circuits Design; M. Grassi, P. Malcovati, A. Baschirotto

Materials and Processes

Advances in Silicon Periodic Microstructures with Photonic Band Gaps in the Near Infrared Region; G. Barillaro, A. Diligenti, L. M. Strambini, V. Annovazzi-Lodi, M. Benedetti, S. Merlo, S. Riccardi

Investigation of the Swelling Properties of PHEMA and PHEMA/CB for Sensing Application; V. La Ferrara, E. Massera, M. L. Miglietta, T. Polichetti, G.Rametta, G. Di Francia

Optical Sensing Properties Towards Ethanol Vapors of Au-Polyimide Nanocomposite Films Synthesized by Different Chemical Routes; S. Carturan, A. Antonaci, G. Maggioni, A. Quaranta, M. Tonezzer, R. Milan, G. Mattei, P. Mazzoldi

Optical Vapors Sensing Capabilities of Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity (PIMs); S. Carturan, A. Antonaci, G. Maggioni, A. Quaranta, M. Tonezzer, R. Milan, G. Della Mea

Focused Ion Beam and Dielectrophoresis as Grow-in-Place Architecture for Chemical Sensor; V. La Ferrara, E. Massera, G. Di Francia, B. Alfano

A Novel Approach for the Preparation of Metal Oxide/CNTs Composites for Sensing Applications; G. Neri, A. Bonavita, G. Micali, G. Rizzo, M. G. Willinger, E.Rauwel, N. Pinna

The impact of Nanoparticle Aggregation in Liquid Solution for Toxicological and Ecotoxicological Studies; M. L. Miglietta, G. Rametta, G. Di Francia, A. Bruno, C. DeLisio, G. Leter, M. Mancuso, F. Pacchierotti, S. Buono, S.Manzo

Preparation and Electrical-Functional Characterization of Gas Sensors Based on TiO2 Nanometric Strips Using Impedance Spectroscopy; C. De Pascali, L. Francioso, S. Capone, P. Siciliano

Piezoelectric Low-Curing-Temperature Ink for Sensors and Power Harvesting; M. Ferrari, V. Ferrari, M. Guizzetti, D. Marioli

Comparative Bioaffinity Studies for In-Vitro Cell Assays on MEMSBased Devices; C. Ress, L. Odorizzi, C. Collini, L. Lorenzelli, S. Forti, C.Pederzolli, L. Lunelli, L. Vanzetti, N. Coppedè, T. Toccoli, G.Tarabella, S. Iannotta

Effect of the Layer Geometry on Ink-Jet Sensor Device Perfomances; A. De Girolamo Del Mauro, F. Loffredo, G. Burrasca, E.Massera, G. Di Francia, D. Della Sala


Optical Flowmeter Sensor for Blood Circulators; M. Norgia, A. Pesatori, L. Rovati

UV Laser Beam Profilers Based on CVD Diamond; M. Girolami, P. Allegrini, G. Conte, S. Salvatori

Photoconductive Position Sensitive CVD Diamond Detectors; M. Girolami, P. Allegrini, G. Conte, S. Salvatori

Opaque-Gate Phototransistors on H-Terminated Diamond; P. Calvani, M. C. Rossi, G. Conte

Fabrication and Characterization of a Silicon Photodetector at 1.55 Micron; M. Casalino, L. Sirleto, M. Gioffrè, G. Coppola, M. Iodice, I.Rendina, L. Moretti

Active Area Density Optimization Technique for Harvester Photodiodes Efficiency Maximization; E. Dallago, M. Ferri, P. Malcovati, D. Pinna

All-Fiber Hybrid Fiber Bragg Gratings Cavity for Sensing Applications; D. Paladino, G. Quero, A. Cutolo, A. Cusano, C. Caucheteur,P. Mégret

An Optical Platform Based on Fluorescence Anisotropy for C Reactive Protein and Procalcitonine Assay; F. Baldini, A. Giannetti, F. Senesi, C. Trono, L. Bolzoni, G.Porro

Gold Coated Long Period Gratings in Single and Multi Layer Configuration for Sensing Applications; A. Iadicicco, S. Campopiano, D. Paladino, A. Cutolo, A.Cusano, W. Bock

UV Schottky Sensors Based on Wide Bandgap Semiconductors; P. Allegrini, P. Calvani, M. Girolami, G. Conte, M. C. Rossi

Design and Realization of a Novel Pixel Sensor for Color Imaging Applications in CMOS 90 nm Technology; G. Langfelder, A. Longoni, F. Zaraga

Technology and I-V Characteristics of a Fully Porous pn Junction; N. Bacci, G. Barillaro, A. Diligenti

Fast Gating of Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes for Photon Migration Measurements; A. Dalla Mora, A. Tosi, F. Zappa, S. Cova, A. Pifferi, A.Torricelli, L. Spinelli, D. Contini, R. Cubeddu

Performance of Commercially Available InGaAs/InP Spad with Custom Electronics; A. Tosi, A. Dalla Mora, F. Acerbi, F. Zappa, S. Cova

Novel Vacuum Evaporated Cavitand Sensors for Detecting Very Low Alcohol Concentrations; M. Tonezzer, M. Melegari, G. Maggioni, E. Dalcanale

Hydrogen Sensing Capability of Nanostructured Titania Films; G. Micali, A. Bonavita, G. Neri, G. Centi, S. Perathoner, R.Passalacqua, N. Donato

Synthesis and Gas Sensing Properties of ZnO Quantum Dots; A. Forleo, L. Francioso, S. Capone, P. Siciliano, P. Lommens

Optical Gas Sensing Properties of ZnO Nanowires; S. Todros, C. Baratto, E. Comini, G. Faglia, M. Ferroni, S.Lettieri, A. Setaro, L. Santamaria, P. Maddalena, G.Sberveglieri

Porphyrin-Porphyrin Diads as Potential Transducers for the Determination of Cadaverine in Aqueous Solution; F. Baldini, A. Giannetti, C. Trono, T. Carofiglio, E. Lubian

Electrochemical Characterization of PNA/DNA Hybridized Layer Using SECM and EIS Techniques; I. Palchetti, F. Berti, S. Laschi, G. Marrazza, M. Mascini

Metal-Functionalized and Vertically-Aligned Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Layers for Low Temperature Gas Sensing Applications; M. Penza, R. Rossi, M. Alvisi, M. A. Signore, G. Cassano, R.Pentassuglia, D. Suriano, V. Pfister, E. Serra

Ammonia Sensing Properties of Organic Inks Deposited on Flexible Subtrates; A. Arena, N. Donato, G. Saitta, G. Rizzo, G. Neri

Prospective of Using Nano-Structured High Performances Sensors Based on Polymer Nano-Imprinting Technology for Chemical and Biomedical Applications; F. Estini, A. Ferrario, A. De Toni, L. Bandiera, M. Quarta, V.Ferrari, C. Reggiani

Surface Acoustic Waves Biosensor Based on a Recombinant Bovine Odorant-Binding Protein; F. Di Pietrantonio, I. Zaccari, M. Benetti, D. Cannatà, E.Verona, R. Crescenzo, V. Scognamiglio, S. D’Auria

Development of an Aptamer-Based Electrochemical Sandwich Assay for the Detection of a Clinical Biomarker; S. Centi, S. Tombelli, I. Palchetti, M. Mascini

Determination of Ethanol in Leadless Petrols and Biofuels Using an Innovative Organic Phase Enzyme Electrode (OPEE); L. Campanella, G. Spuri Capesciotti, T. Gatta, M. Tomassetti

Immunosensors for the Direct Determination of Proteins: Lactoferrin and HIgG; L. Campanella, E. Martini, M. Tomassetti

A Method Based on Scattering Parameters for Model Identification of Piezoactuators with Applications in Colloidal Suspensions Monitoring; R. P. Paganelli, A. Golfarelli, A. Romani, M. Magi, M.Tartagni

MEMS Tilt Sensor with Improved Resolution and Low Thermal Drift; D. Crescini, M. Baù, V. Ferrari

An Offset Compensation Method for Integrated Thermal Flow Sensors; P. Bruschi, M. Dei, M. Piotto

A New Principle for Environment Resistant Integrated Anemometers; P. Bruschi, M. Dei, M. Piotto

Distributed Dynamic Strain Measurement Using a Time-Domain Brillouin Sensing System; R. Bernini, A. Minardo, L. Zeni

Epoxy/MWCNT Composite Based Temperature Sensor with Linear Characteristics; H. C. Neitzert, A. Sorrentino, L. Vertuccio

Thermoelectric Sensor for Detection of Chemical Radiation Heat; A. Catini, E. Gioia, E. Girolami, L. Spagnolo, C. Di Natale, A. D’Amico, M. Bari, L. Ahmad

Sensors for High Spatial Resolution Magnetic Imaging and Nanoscale Applications; A. Vettoliere, C. Granata, P. Walke, E. Esposito, B. Ruggiero, M.Russo

Perming Effect in Residence Times Difference Fluxgate Magnetometers; B. Andò, S. Baglio, S. La Malfa, C. Trigona, A. R. Bulsara

Diffuse-Light Absorption Spectroscopy by Means of a Fiber Optic Supercontinuum Source – An Innovative Technique; A. G. Mignani, L. Ciaccheri, I. Cacciari, H. Ottevaere, H. Thienpont, O. Parriaux, M. Johnson


A Differential Difference Current-Conveyor (DDCCII) Based Front-End for Integrable and Portable Sensor Applications; A. De Marcellis, C. Di Carlo, G. Ferri, V. Stornelli, A. D’Amico, C. Di Natale, E. Martinelli

A New Fast-Readout Front-End for High Resistive Chemical Sensor Applications; A. Depari, A. Flammini, D. Marioli, E. Sisinni, A. DeMarcellis, G. Ferri, V. Stornelli

A Novel Calibration-Less CCII-Based Resistance-to-Time Front-End for Gas Sensor Interfacing; A. De Marcellis, C. Di Carlo, G. Ferri, F. Mancini, V. Stornelli, A. Depari, A. Flammini, D. Marioli

High-Efficiency Front-End Interface for the Vibrating-String Strain Gauge Sensors; A. Simonetti, A. Trifiletti

Signal Conditioning System Analysis for Adaptive Signal Processing in Wireless Sensors; L. Barboni, M. Valle

A 0.13µm CMOS Front-End for Drift Chambers; S. D’Amico, M. De Matteis, F. Grancagnolo, M. Panareo, R. Perrino, G. Chiodini, A. Corvaglia, A. Baschirotto

A New Laser Technology for Air Traffic Management; D. Casali, M. Carota, G. Costantini, M. Salerno

A 100µW Ultra Low-Power Contrast-Based Asynchronous Vision Sensor; N. Massari, M. Gottardi, S. A. Jawed, G. Soncini

A 32x32-Channels Chip for X-Ray Pixel Detector Read-Out; M. Grassi, V. Ferragina, P. Malcovati, S. Caccia, G.Bertuccio, D. Martin, P. Bastia, I. Cappelluti, N. Ratti

Mental Tasks Recognition for a Brain/Computer Interface; G. Costantini, D. Casali, M. Carota, G. Saggio, L. Bianchi, M. Abbafati, L. Quitadamo

Silicon Integrated Micro-Balance Array for DNA Hybridization Electronic Detection; G. Barlocchi, U. Mastromatteo, F. Villa

A Fully Integrated System for Single-Site Electroporation and Addressed Cell Drug Delivery; L. Odorizzi, C. Collini, E. Morganti, R. Cunaccia, C. Ress, L. Lorenzelli, A. Gianfelice, E. Iacchetti, C. Lenardi, P. Milani

A Novel Based Protein Microarray for the Simultaneous Analysis of Activated Caspases; I. Lamberti, L. Mosiello, C. Cenciarelli, A. Antoccia, C.Tanzarella

Electrorheological Fluids Based on Inorganic Nanoparticles for Robotic Applications; L. Scibilia, G. Rizzo, M. Sorrenti, G. Neri, S. Scattareggia Marchese

Wireless Nanotransducers for In-Vivo Medical Applications; G. Mantini, A. D’Amico, C. Falconi, Z. L. Wang

Development of MEMS Microcantilever Detectors for DNA Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Detection in Autoimmune Diseases Diagnostic; A. Adami, M. Decarli, L. Odorizzi, L. Lorenzelli, K. Fincati, K. Schicho, H. Gruessinger

A New Approach for CMOS Fabrication of Microcantilever/Nanotip Systems for Probe-Storage Applications; G. Barillaro, S. Surdo, G. M. Lazzerini

Characterization and Testing of a Double Axis Scanning Micromirror; F. Battini, E. Volpi, E. Marchetti, T. Cecchini, F. Sechi, L. Fanucci, M. De Marinis, U. Hofmann

A High-Voltage PWM Current Driver for Hot-Wire Anemometers; E. Volpi, L. Fanucci, F. D’Ascoli, E. Pardi

MEMS Piezoresistive Inclination Sensor with CMOS ASIC Front-End Interface; S. Dalola, V. Ferrari, D. Marioli

Actively Controlled Power Conversion Techniques for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Applications; A. Romani, C. Tamburini, R. P. Paganelli, A. Golfarelli, R.Codeluppi, M. Dini, E. Sangiorgi, M. Tartagni

FEM Analysis of Piezoelectric Nanostructures for Energy Harvesting; G. Mantini, A. D’Amico, C. Falconi, Z. L. Wang

Piezo-polymer-FET Devices Based Tactile Sensors for Humanoid Robots; R. Dahiya, A. Adami, L. Lorenzelli, G. Metta, M. Valle

Integrated Optofluidic Mach-Zehnder Interferometer; R. Bernini, G. Testa, L. Zeni, P. M. Sarro

Intelligent Wireless E-Nose for Power Savvy Distributed Chemical Sensing; S. De Vito, E. Massera, G. Burrasca, A. De Girolamo Del Mauro, G. Di Francia, D. Della Sala

Smart Multi-Sensor RFID Label for Food Monitoring; D. Cartasegna, A. Cito, F. Conso, A. Donida, M. Grassi, L. Malvasi, G. Rescio, P. Malcovati

Improving Piano Music Transcription by Elman Dynamic Neural Networks; G. Costantini, M. Todisco, M. Carota, D. Casali

A Multisensor System for High Reliability People Fall Detection in Home Environment; M. Grassi, A. Lombardi, G. Rescio, P. Malcovati, A. Leone, G. Diraco, C. Distante, P. Siciliano, M. Malfatti, L. Gonzo, V. Libal, J. Huang, G. Potamianos


WESNEP: A Wireless Environmental Sensor Network for Permafrost Studies; A. Cristiani, G. M. Bertolotti, G. Beltrami, G. Gandolfi, R.Lombardi, R. Seppi, F. Zucca

A Multi-Purpose Wireless Sensor Network Based on Zigbee Technology; G. M. Bertolotti, G. Beltrami, A. Cristiani, G. Gandolfi, R.Lombardi

A Wireless Sensors System for Sport Studies; G. M. Bertolotti, G. Beltrami, A. Cristiani, G. Gandolfi, R. Lombardi

A High-Voltage Driver for a Scanning Micromirror; E. Volpi, L. Fanucci, F. D’Ascoli

System Study for a Head-Up Display Based on a Flexible Sensor Interface; E. Volpi, F. Sechi, T. Cecchini, F. Battini, L. Bacciarelli, L. Fanucci, M. De Marinis

Capacitive Sensor System for Investigation of Two-Phase Liquid Flow in Pipes; M. Demori, V. Ferrari, D. Strazza

Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging for Affinity-Based Biosensors; M. Minunni, S. Scarano, M. Mascini

Laser Based Scanning System for Monitoring Ice Accretion Phenomena on High Voltage Conductors; E. Golinelli, U. Perini, S. Musazzi, G. Pirovano

Capacitive Proximity Sensor for Chainsaw Safety; M. Norgia, C. Svelto

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