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The Routledge Handbook of Popular Culture and Tourism

The Routledge Handbook of Popular Culture and Tourism

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This handbook provides a comprehensive overview and holistic analysis of the intersection between tourism and popular culture. It examines current debates, questions and controversies of tourism in the wake of popular culture phenomena and explores the relationships between popular culture, globalization, tourism and mobility. In addition, it offers a cross-disciplinary, cutting edge review of the character of popular cultural production and consumption trends, analyzing their consequences for tourism, spatial strategies and destination competitiveness. The scope of the volume encompasses various expressions of popular culture such as cinema, TV shows, music, literature, sports and heritage. Featuring a mix of theoretical and empirical chapters, the handbook problematizes and conceptualizes the ties and clusters of popular cultural actors, thereby positioning tourism within the wider context of creative economies, cultural planning and multimodal technologies. Written by an international team of academics with expertise in a range of disciplines, this timely book will be of interest to researchers from a variety of subjects including tourism, events, geography, cultural studies, fandom research, political economy, business, media studies and technology.
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Introduction Part 1 Setting the Stage: Foundations of Popular Culture Tourism 1. What is Popular Culture? 2. Tourism and Popular Culture: Socio-cultural Considerations. 3. Synontological Spaces. 4. Apocalypto and the End of Days: Basking in the Maya’s Shadow. 5. The Commodification of Narco-violence through Popular Culture and Tourism in Medellin, Colombia. Part 2 Broadening the Scope: Popular Culture Tourism Expressions 6. Popular Culture Tourism: Films and Tourist Demand. 7. Film Tourism in the Golden Age of Television. 8. Imagining the Medieval in the Modern World: Film, Fantasy and Heritage. 9. Tuning in – Setting the Scene for Music Tourism. 10. Fado as a Popular Culture Expression in the Context of a Tourist City. 11. Transactional Bodies: Dance, Tourism, and Idea(l)s of Cubanness. 12. The Voyeur at Leisure: Flânerie in a Miniature city – The Urban Phenomena of Madurodam. 13. Technology Adoption and Popular Culture Sport Tourism. 14. Hunters, Climbers, Flâneurs: How Video Games Create and Design Tourism. 15. The Peculiar Attraction of Royalty for Tourism and the Popular Culture Construction of ‘Royal Tourism’. 16. Sun, Surf, Sex, and the Everyday: Subverting the Tourist Gaze with Gold Coast Narrative Fiction. 17. Fandom and its Afterlife: Celebrity Cemetery Tourism. Part 3 Performing Fan Cultures: Popular Culture Tourism Fandoms 18. Passing Through: Popular Media Tourism, Pilgrimage, and Narratives of Being a Fan. 19. A Thai Star’s Appeal to Chinese Fans and its Impact on Thailand Popular Culture Tourism. 20. On the Road —Again: Revisiting Pop Music Concert Tourism. 21. Music Fans as Tourists: The Mysterious Ways of Individual and Social Dimensions. 22. "There Were Only Friendly People and Love in the Air": Fans, Tourism and the Eurovision Song Contest. 23.The (Promotional) Value of Public-Spiritedness: Irish Football Fans at Euro 2016. Part 4 Getting on the Map: Popular Culture Tourism and Place-making 24. #LiteraryMe: The Legacy of the Bloomsbury Group on London’s Literary Village. 25. "I Went to India to Find Myself": Tracing World Cinema’s Neoliberal Orientalisms. 26. The Force Meets the Kittiwake: Shooting Star Wars on Skellig Michael. 27. The Narrative Capital of the Place: How the Millennium Narratives Generate Place-related Values and Attract Tourists to Sweden. 28. A ‘Touristed Landscape’: Speculations about ‘Consuming History’, Using a Case Study of an Australian Folk Hero. 29. Spain as the Scenery of Mass Tourism Phenomena – Between Elite Tourism and Popular Culture Tourism: The Image of the Country through Cinema and Photography. 30. Playing at Home: Popular Culture Tourism and Place-making in Japan. 31. Travelling to Icons or Icons on Travel: Displacement and Representation of Places in Movies. 32. The Indianization of Switzerland: Destination Transformations in the Wake of Bollywood Films. Part 5 Establishing a Common Ground: Popular Culture Tourism and Destination Management 33. Film Tourism Stakeholders and Impacts. 34. Film Tourism Collaborations: A critical Analysis of INTERREG Destination Development Projects. 35. Growing Competition for Screen Tourists Activates New Destination Marketing Tactics. 36. (G)A(i)ming at the Throne: Social Media and the Use of Visitor-Generated Content in Destination Marketing. 37. The Influence of Culinary Movies as a Popular Culture Tourism Phenomenon in Shoot Destinations. 38. Visitor Experiences of Popular Culture Museums in Islands: A Management and Policy Approach. 39. Lifestyle Tourism: Combining Place Attachment and Involvement in a Destination Management Approach. 40. Destination Development in the Wake of Popular Culture Tourism: Proposing a Comprehensive Analytic Framework. Conclusion: Building a Research Agenda for Popular Culture Tourism

‘The Routledge Handbook of Popular Culture and Tourism takes an interdisciplinary and global view of the growing phenomenon of fan tourism, alternating and integrating lenses ranging from economics to politics, geography to identity, media studies to leisure studies. Each essay takes the reader along on a journey to many corners of the world, to discover the various expressions of popular culture that inspire our fascination and our passions.’ Lynn Zubernis, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, USA ‘Paying particular attention to media/sports/music fandom, along with varied definitions of popular culture, Christine Lundberg and Vassilios Ziakas have collected together a host of important, innovative studies. Whether defining videogame tourism, analysing the fan-as-flâneur, or developing work on royal tourism, this Handbook offers a timely, authoritative, and international guide to the (academic) journeys and (synontological) destinations that are generated across contemporary pop culture.’ Matt Hills, University of Huddersfield, UK
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