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Twin Sense

Twin Sense

A Sanity-Saving Guide to Raising Twins -- From Pregnancy Through the First Year

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Although everyone experiences unexpected challenges with the arrival of a new baby, the parents of twins face their own unique sets of joys and frustrations. As the parent of three children under the age of six, including three-year-old fraternal twins, Dagmara Scalise knows firsthand just how daunting that all-important first year can be. Now, in Twin Sense, she offers real-world advice on dealing with the many issues that arise when caring for newborn twins.

Concise and easy to follow, this book shows harried parents everything they need to know, including:
baby-proofing . stocking up on what they really need . preparing and involving previous children . breast-feeding two babies at once . making errands possible . getting through the night . bathing the babies . traveling with twins . keeping the peace . responding to probing questions about having twins . and much more!

Filled with lively anecdotes and practical advice, this is a true insider's guide that will make raising twins a pleasure.
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FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Life Stages / Infants & Toddlers

CONTENTS Acknowledgments xxi Introduction xxv PART ONE: PREPARING FOR TWINS 1: How Different Can Having Twins Be? 3 Financial Considerations 5 During Pregnancy 6 In the Hospital 8 At Home Afterward 9 Special Challenges: C-Section Complications 10 Special Challenges: Caring for Preemies 11 2: Getting Information and Support for Your First Year with Twins 13 Where to Begin 14 What to Keep in Mind 15 Where to Go for Information 16 3: Responding to Dumb or Probing Questions About Having Twins 22 The Fine Art of the Witty Retort 27 Special Situations 30 4: Stocking Up on What You Really Need 31 Bedding and Clothes 35 Diaper-Changing Gear 39 Bathing 41 Feeding 42 Miscellaneous Extras 44 Questionable Items 46 5: Preparing and Involving Your Other Children 47 Preparing Your Child 48 Involving Your Older Child 50 Making Your Child Feel Special 52 Adjusting Your Expectations 55 6: Preparing and Involving the Father of the Babies 56 Breaking the News That You're Pregnant 57 What He's Most Worried About 58 During Pregnancy 60 Hands-On Training 62 After the Babies Are Born 63 PART TWO:MANAGING THE BASICS 7: Getting Through the Night 67 Preparing the Babies for Bed 68 Creating the Optimal Sleep Environment 70 Getting Everything All Ready 70 8: Breast-Feeding 74 Building Your Confidence 76 Having the Right Supplies 80 Adopting a Step-by-Step Process for Nursing 81 Important Things to Keep in Mind 83 If You Encounter Problems 84 9: Bottle-Feeding 86 General Considerations 87 Formula and Supplies 88 Preparing Formula 91 Feeding the Babies 93 10: Bathing 95 Before Starting 96 Bathing Strategies 97 When You Have an Older Child 98 When You're Alone 99 Making Bath Time More Comfortable for You 100 Choosing Bath Aids 101 Managing the Toys 103 PART THREE: LEAVING THE HOUSE 11: Making Errands Possible 107 Strategies for Shopping with Twins 108 rategies for Shopping with Three or More Children 112 Preparing the Gear and Yourself 113 12: Preparing, Packing, and Bundling Your Twins for a Car Ride 116 Getting Your Babies in the Car 117 Arranging the Seats 120 Taking Long Trips with Twins 120 What to Bring 123 Good Distractions 124 13: Traveling by Plane 127 Before You Fly 128 At the Airport 131 On the Flight 133 When Traveling with Car Seats 135 Great Travel Gear 136 14: Vacationing with Your Children 138 Planning Your Vacation 139 Tips to Make Your Trip Smoother 143 If You Choose a Hotel 146 If You Choose a House 147 PART FOUR: LIFE AFTER BABYHOOD 15: Keeping the Peace 151 Laying the Groundwork 152 Making Sharing Easy 154 In the Heat of the Moment 157 Practicing How to Share and Take Turns 158 16: Baby-Proofing Your Home 161 The Fundamentals 163 The Kitchen 164 The Living or Family Room 166 The Bedrooms 167 The Bathroom 169 Your Home Office 170 The Area Around the Stairs 171 Outside Your Home 172 Additional Suggestions 173 17: The Best Life-with-Twins Tips Ever 176 Making Life Easier for Yourself 177 Making Life Easier for Your Twins 179 More Ways to Organize Your Life 180 Additional Tips for Making Your Life with Twins Easier 182 Appendix: Resources 187 Index 193

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